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Helicopter Cruising
伊勢志摩鳥羽 天空の旅

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Enjoy the beautiful nature and Ria Coast of Shima from the sky.

Note:There could be a cancellation without notice due to the mal-weather or difficulties of supplying the equipment.

Facility Information

  • Address

    Taso-shirahama Heliport, 119-1 Tasoura Minami-Ise cho, Watara-gun, Mie

  • Regular
    closing day


  • Business hours


  • Price

    ・Kashikojima Course(3 min) ¥6,000 per person
    ・Ago Bay Course(6 min) ¥12,000 per person
    ・Ise-Shima Course(12 min) ¥24,000 per person
    Reservation required from two persons