[Kintetsu Railway] Cycle train begins full-scale operation

The cycle train, which was implemented for a limited time in April of this year, will operate all year round from September 4, 2022, except during busy periods.

Please take advantage of the cycle train and visit the sightseeing spots of Matsusaka, Ise, Toba, and Shima.
(Exclusion dates will be announced in advance on the Kintetsu website)

[Usage section]

[Weekdays] Toba Line/Shima Line (between Isuzugawa Station and Kashijima Station)
[Saturdays and Holidays] Yamada Line, Toba Line, Shima Line (between Matsusaka Station and Kashijima Station)

[Stations where you can get on and off]

 Saturdays and holidays only:
Matsusaka Station, Higashi Matsusaka Station, Kodai Station, Saiku Station, Myojo Station, Omata Station, Miyamachi Station, Ise City Station, Ujiyamada Station.
 every day:
Isuzugawa Station, Toba Station, Nakanogo Station, Shima-Akasaki Station, Funatsu Station, Matsuo Station, Gochi Station, Kaminogo Station, Shima-Isobe Station, Shima-Yokoyama Station, Ugata Station, Shima-Shinmei Station, and Kashishima Station.
*The JR side ticket gates cannot be used at Matsusaka Station and Ise City Station.

[Target trains]

[Weekdays]・11 trains for Kashiwajima
10:00~14:00 (Departing station: Isuzugawa Station, Toba Station)
・10 trains towards Ise Nakagawa
From 9:00 to 14:00 (Departing station: Kashijima Station, Toba Station)
[Saturday/Holiday]・21 trains for Kashiwajima
8:00~17:00 (Departing station: Matsusaka station)
・23 trains towards Ise Nakagawa
8:00 to 17:00 (Departing stations: Kashijima Station, Toba Station, Ujiyamada Station)

– Available vehicles: 2nd vehicle from the front of the target train (in each direction)
– Number of vehicles available: Up to 8 vehicles per train, please use according to the congestion situation.
*If the train is crowded and there is a risk of coming into contact with other passengers, please wait for the next train even if there are fewer than 8 cars.
*If the train is not crowded, please use it as long as you can safely fit 9 or more cars.
– Available sizes: Bicycle length 180cm, width 45cm (excluding handlebars)
*This is the largest bicycle size that can be loaded onto the elevator.

【How to Use】
(XNUMX) No additional charge is required, and can be brought in with just a ticket.
(XNUMX) Advance reservations are not required.
(XNUMX) You can ride the train as it is without dismantling the bicycle (no need to store it in a bicycle bag)
*As long as the bicycle is dismantled and stored in a bicycle bag, it is possible to bring it on board even if the cycle train is outside the train/section.
(XNUMX) In order to prevent falls on the train, please bring straps, straps, etc. to fix to handrails.

For details on the terms of use, please check the "Kintetsu Railway Co., Ltd. Press Release (published on August 2022, 8)" at the bottom of this page.

[Information about bicycle rental services along the line]

Bicycle Journey

Enjoy Shima