2022 Sightseeing train “Ama-san Train” will be operated

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The ``Ama-san Train'' that was scheduled to run today has been suspended for the entire day due to a vehicle malfunction.
We apologize to everyone who was looking forward to it.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you have purchased a Tsudoi train ticket, please request a refund or change the date.


In order to revitalize the Ise-Shima region, Shima City, the Shima City Tourism Association, and Kintetsu will run a sightseeing train called the Ama Train from August 8th (Saturday) to September 20th (Sunday). It will run for 9 days.

The sightseeing train ``Ama-san Train'' will have a model of ``Irori'', the symbol of Shima's ama huts, installed inside the sightseeing train ``Tsudoi,'' as well as exhibit photos and materials of scenery such as the Shima coast. .

In addition, active Ama divers will be on board, and you can spend time interacting with them, talking about the charms of Shima and the work of Ama divers, and taking commemorative photos.

On board the train, Shima City's specialty products such as ``Pearl Scallop Pickled in Olive Oil'', ``Aosa Shio Yokan'', and ``Akamoku Hoso Udon'', which are Shima City's specialty products, are sold mainly by the Shima City Tourism Association.

Please take this opportunity to ride.


 Sightseeing train gathering “Ama train”

【Execution date】
 8/27 (Sat)
 September 9th (Saturday), September 17th (Sunday), September 9th (Monday/holiday)
 September 9rd (Friday/Holiday), September 23th (Saturday), September 9th (Sunday)

 Two round trips a day between Ise City Station and Kashijima Station

[Stopping station]
 Iseshi Station, Ujiyamada Station, Isuzugawa Station, Toba Station, Ugata Station, Kashijima Station

 1 people per train

 Sightseeing train fare: One-way adult 510 yen/child 260 yen

 *To board the train, you will need to pay the regular fare in addition to the tourist train fare. 

[Sale location]

 Limited express ticket sales counters at major Kintetsu stations
 *Tickets will be sold from one month before your ride.

  • Contact Kinki Nippon Railway Co., Ltd.
    Kintetsu Railway Telephone Center
    050-3536-3957 (8: 00-21: 00 / Open all year round)

Enjoy Shima