Regarding extension of usage period of hometown support donation return gift (premium accommodation voucher)

[About extending the period of use of hometown support donation return gifts (premium accommodation coupons)]

Thank you for choosing Shima City Premium Accommodation Voucher.

We will provide you with information regarding miso.

Due to the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus infection and the declaration of a state of emergency, we have received a lot of feedback from people who say they can't go on a trip or can't go to Shima City within the deadline, so we have extended the usage period as follows. We have decided to extend it for one year.


□ Publication date: For the period from April 2020, 4 to October 1, 2020
 →Extend the expiration date for another year

  Example) If the publication date is 2020.4.1 
    →The expiration date is April 2022, 4.


□ If the publication date is October 2020.10.31, XNUMX 
 → The expiration date is October 2022, 10.


 ※last time
□ Publication date: October 2019, 10 to March 1, 2020
 → We are requesting that the expiration date be extended for an additional year.
  Example) Issue date: October 2019, 10 → October 1, 2021.
    Publication date: March 2020, 3 → March 31, 2022.


*Please contact the Shima City Tourism Association in advance when using the service.
 If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • Contact information Shima City Tourism Association
    517-0501 Ugata, Ago-cho, Shima-shi, Mie 1670-2 (Kintetsu Ugata Station ticket gate floor)
    TEL:0599-46-0570 /FAX:0599-46-1113
    Person in charge: Hamaguchi Minami

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