Yokoyama VIEW Taxi will start operating from April 8th!

The "Yokoyama VIEW Taxi", which has been well received by many customers, will be available from April 500, 2024 (Monday), allowing you to travel between Ugata Station, Yokoyama Observation Deck, Ugata Station, and Kashiwajima Station for just one coin (4 yen). We have decided to start operating!

There is also a ``Welfare Taxi Plan'' that allows people in electric wheelchairs or reclining wheelchairs to easily tour Yokoyama Observatory, as well as ``Ago Bay Tour Discount Tickets'', allowing you to enjoy sightseeing in Shima City even more. .


● Implementation period: Weekdays (tentative) only from April 2024, 4 to March 8, 2025
*The bus does not operate on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and the following periods.
・April 4-May 27 ・July 5-August 6 ・December 7 - January 20 ・February 8 - February 25

Taxi company used

Mie Kintetsu Taxi, Waei Taxi


*You cannot ride anywhere other than Ugata Station or Yokoyama Observation Deck. You can only get off at Kashijima Station. Please note that you cannot board the train from Kashijima Station.
*When handing over a taxi ticket, please use an IC card, QR code ticket, or limited express ticket sold online.
screen presentation is required.
*Please use the taxi waiting at Ugata Station. We do not accept reservations.
*The period will end when the subsidy runs out, even if it is in the middle of the period.


One way (1 car) 500 yen

Available section

Ugata Station → Yokoyama Observatory
Yokoyama Observation Deck → Ugata Station or Kashijima Station

How to use

—-At Ugata Station—-

●We will give you two "taxi tickets" at the Shima City Tourist Information Center (Ugata Station ticket gate floor).
At that time, please present the ticket you used to get to Ugata Station.
●After getting in the taxi, please tell the driver that you are using the Yokoyama VIEW taxi.

—-At Yokoyama Observatory—-

●After arriving, please pay the ticket and 500 yen to the driver.
●Please call the taxi company when you return.

 -Mie Kintetsu Taxi Toba/Shima Office 
 -Waei Taxi 
 There is no pick-up fee. You can use the same way to Ugata Station or Kashijima Station for just one coin (500 yen).

Welfare taxi How to use *Advance reservation required

Even people in electric wheelchairs or reclining wheelchairs can easily tour Yokoyama Observatory.
(There is a gentle wooden slope from the observation deck drop-off point to the terrace.)

Please make a reservation directly by calling the taxi company below or using the reservation form on our website.

Welfare Taxi Kizuna0120-960-400
Jinyoshi welfare taxi0120-508-173
rainbow welfare taxi080-1560-9581

QR code

Welfare taxi Kizuna reservation form

Jinyoshi Welfare Taxi Homepage

Usage fee: 1 yen/unit for one hour (normally 3,000 yen)

●The pick-up and drop-off locations are the same as "Yokoyama VIEW Taxi."
●The implementation period is every day (all year round). (It also operates on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and the excluded days listed above.)
●Welfare taxis are only available for one-hour charter plans.
*Taxi will be waiting at Yokoyama Observation Deck, so you can sightsee without carrying luggage.
*If the usage time exceeds one hour, an additional fee (1 yen per 30 minutes) will be charged.
●No tickets will be handed out. (There is no need to visit the Shima City Tourist Information Center on the day of use.)
●Assistance fee will be charged separately. (Please contact the taxi company for details)
●The Ago Bay Tour Discount Ticket cannot be used in combination with the Disability Discount.

[How to use Ago Bay tour discount ticket]
●Please come to the sightseeing boat terminal at Kashishima Port.
●Get the “Ago Bay Tour Discount Ticket” at either “Shima Marine Leisure” or “Kashishima Pleasure Boat Association” counter.
Please also purchase a boarding ticket.
●200 yen for adults and 100 yen for children will be discounted from the regular price.
*One discount ticket will be applied to the number of people using Yokoyama VIEW Taxi.
*Discounts cannot be combined with discounts for people with physical disabilities.
*Services may be canceled due to bad weather or other reasons.
*There will be no refund even if you are unable to use the service.
*Valid only on the day and next day of the date stamp stamped on the discount ticket.


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