[For members] Chubu Transport Bureau/Shima City Request for cooperation in survey of the actual situation regarding sustainable initiatives

Request for responses to the questionnaire survey

 In order to further promote the tourism industry in Shima City, the Chubu District Transport Bureau and Shima City are conducting a research project to brand Shima City, Mie Prefecture as a sustainable tourist destination.As part of this, We have decided to conduct a questionnaire survey regarding sustainable initiatives targeting businesses that are members of the Shima City Tourism Association.
Therefore, we have sent a questionnaire by mail to some of our members, and we ask that you please respond.
Please check the following for the details of the survey.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Survey overview

Questionnaire content

Regarding the current implementation status of initiatives related to sustainable tourism by tourism-related businesses in Shima City

How to answer

You can respond using a questionnaire or online.

Those who responded using the questionnaire form

Please fill out the survey form in the envelope we sent you and mail it back using the enclosed return envelope*.

*There is no need to affix a stamp to the return envelope when mailing it.

Those who answered online

Please respond using the online response form link or QR code provided on the materials in the envelope we sent you.

Deadline for response

Until March 5, 1th year of Reiwa

*The work related to this survey will be carried out by Kunie Co., Ltd., a subcontractor.

*The information obtained through this survey will be recorded, preserved, and used as a reference when considering measures for this project. It will not be used for any other purpose or provided to any third party.

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact us below.


Person in chargeKunie Co., Ltd. CS Business Headquarters Handing over(Cotton)(Nobe)
TEL 070-3069-2674
E-mail addresswatanobea@qunie.com

What is “Research project for branding Shima City, Mie Prefecture as a sustainable tourist destination”?

After the coronavirus pandemic, the circumstances surrounding the tourism industry and values ​​regarding travel have changed significantly. In particular, interest in "sustainable tourism" is increasing, especially among foreign travelers, and an increasing number of travelers are becoming aware of the sustainability of tourist destinations and businesses and the impact of their own travel on the environment.
In light of these trends, the Chubu District Transport Bureau and Shima City have clarified the issues that the city should address in order to become a tourist destination of choice for travelers, and have established the Mie Prefecture with the aim of branding it as a sustainable tourist destination. We are conducting a research project aimed at branding Shima City as a sustainable tourist destination.

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