[For members] About the Shima City briefing session on the Japan Tourism Agency's "Regional-integrated revitalization and high-value-added tourism destination/tourism industry project"

Shima City is planning to apply for the ``Regional-integrated revitalization and value-added tourism destination/tourism industry project'' announced by the Japan Tourism Agency in order to increase its value as a tourist destination. .

We will be holding an information session for business operators as shown below, so please check the attached materials and contact us by noon on January 1rd (Monday) by reporting your attendance.

Thank you.

Date and TimeTuesday, January 5, 1 24:14-00:15
PlaceShima City Hall 4th floor 401.402 conference room 
*You can also participate online using ZOOM.
Message“Project to revitalize and add high value to tourist destinations and the tourism industry, bringing together the region”
Overview and recruitment of participating businesses

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