"Matoya Safe Toilet" has been installed on the general prefectural road Toba Aji Line (Pearl Road)

Matoyawan Ohashi Bridge will be lit up to promote its use.

The general prefectural road Toba Aji Line (Pearl Road) is a Pacific Coast bicycle route that was designated as a national cycle route in May 3. At the south end of Matoya Bay Bridge, which is also a tourist spot on the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route, there is a universally designed restroom (name: Matoya Anshin) that also functions as a rest facility (cycle station) that is easy for everyone, including cyclists, to use. (toilet) has been installed.
Additionally, in order to encourage future use of the Pacific Coast Bicycle Path, the Matoya Bay Bridge will be illuminated from August 8th to August 24th, during the summer vacation period when many tourists visit.

Overview of “Matoya Anshin Toilet”

Matoya Anshin Toilet Exterior
Opening dateMarch 8th
Construction siteSankasho, Isobe-cho, Shima City(Matoya Bay Ohashi Minami-zume
Facility outlinePublic toilet (wooden one-story building, 78.84 m2), 2 multifunctional toilets and 7 toilets
ElseUniversal design compatible, bicycle facilities (cycle racks, etc.)

Overview of “Matoya Bay Bridge Light-up”

View from Matoya Bay Observation Deck

Implementation content

Matoya bay OhashiOne side (west side) of the bridge will be illuminated with LED lighting from two directions below, changing in seven colors over time. We recommend viewing the illumination from Matoya Bay Observation Deck, the northern stop of the Matoya Bay Bridge, where you can see the magnificent scenery along with Matoya Bay below.


August 8th (Thursday) to August 24th (Wednesday) 8:30-18:21

Photos (Matoya Anshin Toilet, Matoya Bay Observation Deck)

Location map (Matoya Anshin Toilet, Matoya Bay Observation Deck)
Multifunctional toilet
men's toilet


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