Regarding the use of "Ago Bay Tour Discount Ticket" during the suspension of "Kashijima España Cruise (Ago Bay Pleasure Boat) Esperanza" and "Ago Bay Island Tour" (Yokoyama VIEW Taxi)

``Esperanza of Kashijima España Cruise (Ago Bay Pleasure Boat)'' (Shima Marine Major) and ``Ago Bay Island Tour'' (Kashishima Pleasure Boat Association) will be suspended on the following dates.

Esperanza (Shima Marine Major)Monday, January 6, 1 - Thursday, February 15, 2 *For regular inspections
Ago Bay/Island Tour (Kashishima Pleasure Boat Association)January 6th (Wednesday), 1th (Thursday), 17th (Tuesday), 25st (Wednesday), 30

*"Ago Bay/Island Hopping" can be used the day after a public holiday. *Excluding 30th (Tuesday)

In line with this, we ask for your understanding that the "Ago Bay Tour Discount Ticket" that we are giving you along with the Yokoyama VIEW taxi ticket cannot be used during the above period.

Enjoy Shima