[For members] Announcement of the 9th Shima Rotary Club Cultural Exchange Festival

9th Rotary Club Cultural Exchange Festival

The 9th Rotary Club Cultural Exchange Festival will be held on March 3th (Sunday), a project to protect the safety and security of local children and help them spend their days with smiles on their faces.


Time & DateSunday, March 3th 10:10-00:15 *Free admission
VenueAji Arena
Entry feeFree
SponsorshipShima Rotary Club (2F, Malheur Building, XNUMX-XNUMX Ugata, Ago-cho, Shima-shi, Mie Prefecture)

Event contents

ocean hall・Car traffic guidance
・Name rescue training
・AED training
・Life jacket training
・Interacted with FC Ise Shima players through soccer
*Start: 13:XNUMX - Bring gym shoes
bay hall・Food bank corner
・Children's dining room
・Onigiri bento, pork soup
・Limited quantity of 300 free meals
・Children's game corner
・Super Kids Introduction
Lobby (bento bread sales)
*Bread: from 10am, bento from 11am
・Panya Fujita (bread)
・Maki's Bakery (bread)
・NEMU (cake)
・Higashiyama Bussan (eel bento)
・Kaigetsu (lunch box)
・Miyama-tei (lunch box)
・Ikadaso Sanjo (lunch box)
LobbyFree health measurement session [Measure your health level]
(Bone density, blood sugar level, arrhythmia, blood pressure, body composition measurement)
Provided by: Hikari Pharmacy, Light Body Neo
Front plaza (police/fire vehicles)・Police car display
・Fire engine display
・Emergency vehicle display
Front plaza (kitchen car)・Kashikoya
・Baby castella
・Free Rainbow

Stamp Rally

Venue guide map (Ago Arena)

Stamp rally flow

㊟ ``Onigiri Bento'' and ``Pork Soup'' are available in limited quantities. First 300 meals available. Target audience is limited to infants to junior high school students.

1) Please visit the Ocean Hall and Bay Hall booths, participate in the lectures and games, and get checked out.

2) If the total number of checks reaches 4 or more, you can exchange them for Bey Hall's "Onigiri Bento" and "Pork Soup".

3) If you participate in the classes and games at each corner and get a total of 5 or more checks, you can exchange them for [food items] at the food bank corner in Bey Hall. (Limited quantity of food items)

*The check sheet will be given to you upon admission on the day.



Shima City Rotary Club Flyer (front)
Shima City Rotary Club flyer (back)

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