[For members] Lecture by Takataro Toriumi (aviation/travel analyst)

Lecture by Takataro Toriumi (aviation/travel analyst)

(2/13) No application required

No application is required. Please feel free to join us.


Date and TimeWednesday, February 6, 2 Doors open from 14:18 Opening from 30:19
VenueShima City Aji Arena (1074-14 Shinmei, Ago-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture)
ThemeRegional tourism has started to recover after the coronavirus
Entry feeFree admission for first 500 people

Mr. Takataro Toriumi Profile

Mr. Takataro Toriumi

Aviation/Travel Analyst, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Teikyo University
Department of Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of International Management, Kyoei University, Kawamura
Gakuen Women's University, Faculty of Lifestyle Creation, Department of Tourism and Culture
Full-time lecturer. Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1978. airline's
Mainly researching marketing strategy, he also works both domestically and internationally.
Information is provided in magazines and on TV, focusing on personal experiences.
Outgoing. “Post-corona airlines” in April 2021
(Takarajimasha) was published. YouTube channel
"PTA Tori Channel" is now being distributed.

How to apply (deadline: January 6, 1)

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Please fill out the necessary information on the participation application form on the back of the flyer and fax it to us.
《FAX number》 0596-24-8315
For return postcards[Return] Address: 516-0037-1 Iwakura, Ise City, 7-17
To the secretariat of Ise Corporation Public Interest Incorporated Association
Fill out all the necessary information listed on the back/next participation application form.
[Reply] Address/Postal code, address, and name of the representative of the application
Back side/no entry
For emailSet the subject line to ``Application for participation in Mr. Takataro Toriumi's lecture'' and write the following application form in the main text.
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> info@isehojinkai.or.jp

How to send admission tickets

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We will send it by mail. If multiple people apply, we will send the admission ticket to the representative.
Round trip postcardThe reply postcard will be your admission ticket. We will reply to the applicant representative.
Please E-mail us with these information.We will send you the admission ticket via reply email (around February 2st)
Please print out the number for each person applying and submit it to the reception desk on the day.



Lecture flyer (front)
Lecture flyer (back)


5 minutes by car from Kintetsu Ugata Station

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