Shima Road Party Half Marathon 2023: Scheduled for April 4th

Shima Road Party Half Marathon 2023

 The Shima Road Party 2023 Executive Committee has decided to hold the "Shima Road Party Half Marathon 2023" on April 4, 16.

 This is the first time in four years since the "Shima Road Party Half Marathon 2019" was held before the spread of the new coronavirus, and the first time since the beginning of the Reiwa era.

 Due to efforts to prevent infection and various domestic and international situations, some of the events will be scaled back, but we hope that you will be able to experience Shima's rich nature with your whole body, and fulfill the tournament's philosophy of ``Come to Shima! The organizers and the entire community are working together to prepare for a tournament that will bring smiles to people's faces.

 Whether you are a regular participant or have never ridden Shimaji before, please come to Shima. Entries start at 2022am on November 11, 28. We look forward to welcoming everyone.

June 17, 2022
Shima Road Party 2023 Executive Committee

What is Shima Road Party?

What is Shima Road Party?

Shima Road Party's main event is a half marathon that takes in the charms of Shima, including its countryside, seaside, and hills.
– A 10km course with a roller coaster-like slope
– Parque Junior Run for children (approximately 3km)
– Parque party run where you can enjoy running and costumes are welcome
– Barrier-free party run where even people with physical disabilities can experience the joy of sports
– “Feast Walk” to enjoy the scenery and food of Shima
– Variety of events

Please come to Shima, a city that excites the soul and makes everyone want to move their bodies!


Starting with the 2019 event, the course for the main event, the half marathon, will be changed in the opposite direction. It was a 10km round trip course on Pearl Road with many ups and downs. We will also be holding a Parque Party Run where costumes are welcome and you can enjoy running, as well as a Barrier-Free Party Run where people with physical disabilities can enjoy the fun of sports for a while.

Half marathon

Half marathon (21.0975km)
(orange line)

Participation fee6,000 yen
Recruitment capacity4,000
*Includes 10km
Start ~ Goal
(Time limit)
11: 00-14: 00 (180 minutes)
*We will set up a barrier with a time limit.
1st barrier = 7.0km point 12:05
2nd barrier = 11.9km point 12:50
3nd barrier = 19.6km point 13:50

(black line)

Participation fee5,000 yen
Recruitment capacity4,000
*In conjunction with the half marathon
Start ~ Goal
(Time limit)
10: 50-12: 20 (90 minutes)

Some courses for both the half marathon and 2019km have been revised from the XNUMX race. It is a more challenging course with different heights, and is designed with a focus on Shima's seaside view.
Net time measurement (time from passing the start line) will be implemented for both events starting this year.
In a half marathon, there are time-limited hurdles.
The barrier-free party run will be about a 2km course that loops back around Matoya Bay Bridge.

parque party run

parque party run (about 3km)

Participation feeElementary school student 2,000 yen
Junior high school students and older 3,000 yen
Recruitment capacity2,000
Start ~ Goal
(Time limit)
13: 30-14: 30 (60 minutes)

Parque Partiran has set up a course that goes around Pasque España, Shima Spain Village, so that you can fully enjoy the exotic atmosphere of Shima Spain Village.
The whole family, from adults to children, can participate in this category where you can run while enjoying the atmosphere of Shima Spain Village. Participation in costume is also OK.

About applying for Shima Road Party



When you click the "Apply from RUNNET" button on the right, the entry entrance screen will be displayed.
When the entry start date and time arrives, a blue "Entry" button will be displayed to the right of "Event date" on the entry entrance screen, and you will be able to apply.

  • Application fee: 4000 yen for participation fees up to 220 yen, 4001% of participation fees for 5.5 yen or more (tax included)
  • You cannot apply for the "Barrier-Free Party Run" through RUNNET.
  • RUNNET membership registration (free) is required for entry.
  • If you are already a RUNNET member, there is no need to register.
  • Please check if there are any changes to registered information such as address by changing member information.



Click the "Apply from Joyspo!!" button below to display the tournament summary screen.

During the entry period, an "Entry" button will be displayed at the top right of the screen, allowing you to apply.

  • Application fee: 5000 yen for participation fees up to 210 yen, 5001% of participation fees for 5 yen or more (tax included)
  • To enter, you need to register as a member of Joyspo!! (free of charge).
  • If you are already a Joyspo!! member, you do not need to register.
  • Please check "Confirm member information" on My Page to see if there are any changes to your registered information, such as your address.

Applications are due by March 3th.

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entryStarts at 2022am on November 11, 28

Enjoy Shima