Koean Event - Glandome Ise Kashikojima

korean event

Glamping x Korea “Feel like Korea with glamping

korean event

I want to go on a trip overseas but I'm worried, right now!
Would you like to experience the feeling of going to the much-talked-about [Korea] with glamping? Exclusively for guests staying at the hotel, we will give away cheese hattok and classic Korean drama chamisul ♪
Furthermore, stylish neon lights shine as if you were in a Korean back alley pub, creating a nostalgic world.
Take advantage of this opportunity to use the national travel support discount and come to the Korean event at Grandome Ise Kashiwajima!

It's sure to look great on SNS!

We offer the atmosphere of the currently popular Korean town, as well as soul food and alcohol! At Grandome Ise Kashiwajima, which is decorated with illuminations in the fall and winter, you can enjoy the clear air that is unique to this season.

Korean event information

periodFrom April 2022, 11 to May 8, 2023 
PlaceGLAMP DOME Ise Kashiwajima special booth inside the facility
TargetGuests staying at this facility
Phone0599-65-7331 (0800-200-5133 (direct reservation))

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