Ugata Station Festa

Ugata Station Festa

This "Ugata Ekimae Festa" will be held from 1:22 to 11:18 on Sunday, January XNUMXnd under the slogan "Let's do our best! Shopping Street" advocated by the Shima Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This event is held in the area around the station.

The festival usually includes a variety of activities and events, including food fairs, games, and performances. Sample delicious local food, try traditional games and activities, and enjoy Shima-branded items.

In addition to food and entertainment, it is also a good opportunity to learn about Shima's history and culture. Participate in traditional Japanese craft workshops, play a grand raffle, and even learn about local history and landmarks.

The Ugata Ekimae Festa is a must-see event for those who want to experience Shima's local culture and traditions, and is a great opportunity to stroll around Ugata Station.

There is no parking lot. Please use public transportation or walk to the venue.

``Three areas'' for fun

1. Marche area

Ugata Children's Park

Ugata Children's Park

local shops
Sales booth
Large lottery

2. Bar area

Oya taxi site

Oya taxi site

local shops

3.Special product area

Ugata station rotary

Ugata station rotary

local specialties
Shima brand products are available!!

Ugata Station Festa Night Event

Illuminations will be turned on (station rotary) from 17:00 p.m.

Special product lottery

For this lottery, visitors who spend 500 yen or more on meals or shopping at each store within the venue will receive a lottery ticket at each store.
Each lottery ticket can be drawn once at the lottery venue in the Marche area.

1st prize Ise shrimp (2)

Ise Shima Frozen

2nd prize, pearl oyster (Akoya oyster) scallop

Ise Shima Frozen

3rd prize target arrow oyster (15 pieces)

Sato fish farm

4th prize Juko (rice)

Provided by JA Ise

5th prize Nanhari melon

Melon House Kawaguchi

6th prize Kinko

Sweet Potato House Kirara

7th prize Red Pearl (Strawberry)

Provided by JA Ise

8th class Aosa

Kaneu Foods

9th Prize Shima City Novelty

Provided by Shima City

We are holding a large lottery with lots of special products from Shima City!
Everyone is welcome to come, shop at the venue, and enter the raffle!
Please note that this raffle is open to the first 500 people!

- Totals for each store are not applicable.
・Please refrain from receiving multiple lottery tickets by splitting your payments at one store.
・The contents of the lottery may change without prior notice.

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SponsorshipUgata Ekimae Promotion Association (Shima City Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
SponsorshipShima city 
contact information0599-44-0700

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