Ise Shima/Satoumi Rogaining

What is Rogaining? Tournament concept

The entire field of Ise-Shima/Satoumi Rogaining (commonly known as Shimaroge) is designated as Ise-Shima National Park, and is an area that still retains nature recognized by the world. Shima City is located in the center of Mie Prefecture and can be accessed by a single Kintetsu train from Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto.Ago Bay has approximately 60 islands, both inhabited and uninhabited, of various sizes, and the rias coastline. It is famous as

 It is also known as a treasure trove of ingredients such as spiny lobsters, abalone, oysters, and natural tiger puffer fish, and has been dedicated to Ise Grand Shrine since ancient times as a land of food. There are many other sightseeing spots that you can enjoy, including the Yokoyama Observation Deck (Tenku Cafe Terrace), which overlooks Ago Bay, the lighthouse, Shirahama, hot springs, and Shima Spain Village.

 We wanted people of all ages to know about and visit Shima, which can be enjoyed, so we planned an outdoor sport called ``Logaining'' that allows people to enjoy both ``sightseeing'' and ``sports'' at the same time.

 In Rogaining, players compete for points by visiting numerous checkpoints within a time limit based on a distributed map. Checkpoints are selected at locations that are unique to the area, such as historical sites, stores, shrines and temples. From elementary school students to adults, friends and families can easily enjoy it according to their physical strength and experience.

 Please take this opportunity to come to Shima City!

Shima Sports Commission General Incorporated Association

(1) Strategy time

Strategy time
30 minutes ago

30 minutes before the start, maps were distributed to everyone and the strategy time started.
What route should we take and where should we attack? Strategy greatly influences results.  

(2) Competition start

Competition start
marathon event

Unlike a marathon, there is no set course, so each team devise a strategy and run in their own direction.

(3) Checkpoint

Checkpoint app
Ise Shima/Satoumi Rogaining

When you arrive at the checkpoint, take a photo as proof of your passage. When you use the app, your photos will be automatically sent to the tournament headquarters and your scores will be tallied.

(4) Finish!

finish! Team
Ise Shima/Satoumi

All teams must come together within the time limit to finish, check their return, and tally their scores.

(5) Award ceremony

Award ceremony 30 minutes
Ise Shima/Satoumi Rogaining

Results will be announced and an awards ceremony will be held approximately 30 minutes after the competition ends. Supplementary prizes will be awarded to the top winning teams.

It is an outdoor sport where participants compete for points by visiting numerous checkpoints (CP) within a time limit based on a distributed map. The order in which CPs are played is not determined. In what order and which route should you choose? Your score will vary greatly depending on your score, so it requires not only physical strength but also intellectual ability.

You can take breaks and eat and drink as you like along the way, so people of all ages and genders can enjoy it according to their physical strength.

★CPs are selected from tourist attractions (historic sites/landmarks), shops, and other local features, allowing you to enjoy the fun fusion of sightseeing and sports.

★If you use the special app to take a photo similar to the sample as a record of reaching the CP, your score will be automatically tallied, making the troublesome task of tallying your scores much easier.

★By participating in a team, you can easily enjoy it with like-minded friends and family. There is also a solo section where even one person can participate.

This year's tournament

Hamajima-cho, where the field is located, is located on the west side of Shima City, and is known as the town of Ise lobster, where fishing for Ise lobster is actively carried out. During the summer, a spiny lobster festival is held, and Hamashima-flavored Chojujiru (spicy lobster miso soup) is served.

As a souvenir for your participation, you will receive Ise lobster miso soup, a Hamajima flavor, and Ise udon, Ise Shima's soul food.

[Participation souvenir]・Ise lobster miso soup
・Ise udon
Recruitment capacityTotal of 200 people (will close as soon as capacity is reached)

Entry fee

Long category (high school students and above): 5,000 yen (person) / Shima citizen 4,000 yen (person)
Short category (high school students and above): 4,000 yen (person) / Shima citizen 3,000 yen (person)
Elementary school and junior high school students: 2,000 yen (person) / Shima citizen 1,000 yen (person)
Preschool: Free (participation souvenir not included) 

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[Shima citizen price]

Long category (high school students and above): 4,000 yen (1 person)
Short category (high school students and above): 3,000 yen (1 person)
Elementary school/junior high school student: 1,000 yen (1 person)
Preschool: Free (participation souvenir not included)

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