Unveiling event of two wrapped trains “Tobashima Memory”

About wrapping trains

Kintetsu will debut a new wrapped train, ``Tobashima Memory,'' to promote the charms of Toba and Shima. The design and name of this wrapped train was jointly devised by Toba City and Shima City, and it is a sightseeing train packed with the charms of the Toba and Shima areas. The main route is from Ise-Nakagawa Station to Kashijima Station, and you can ride only by paying the fare. To commemorate the start of Tobashima Memory, a departure ceremony will be held at Toba Station and a train exhibition event will be held at Kashishima Station. Please take this opportunity to visit Ise-Shima.

About “Tobashima Memory Sea Chapter”

Name“Tobashima Memory Sea Chapter”
Operation periodFor the time being from late February 2023
Service sectionMainly from Ise Nakagawa Station to Kashiwajima Station
(Some trains also run between Ise Nakagawa Station and Kintetsu Nagoya Station.)
Target train1 formation 2 cars
Features① Appearance
・Wrapping will be done in the image of Shima's calm Satoumi.
②Car interior decoration
・The hanging leather is studded with accessories inspired by the clear and beautiful sea of ​​Toba and Shima.
・The seat has a design of a school of small fish swimming comfortably.

Operation commemorative event

About the departure ceremony

Implementation dateJanuary 2023, 2 (Friday)
From 10:20 to 10:50
Target trainTobashima Memory Nami Chapter
Implementation siteToba Station
Implementation content   ・Greetings by representatives of Toba City and Shima City
・Rape cutting by related parties
・See off the train with Toba Station Master's departure signal
*General customers are not allowed to ride.

About the unveiling event

Implementation date2023 years 2 month 4 day (Saturday)
From 10:00 to 12:00
Target trainTobashima Memory Nami Chapter
Implementation siteKashikojima Stationconcourse home
Implementation content     ・“Tobashima Memory Nami Chapter” will be kept on display at the home
(You can freely tour the inside of the train.)
・We will give away commemorative goods to commemorate the start of Tobashima Memory operation.
・Greetings by Shima City's PR character "Shimako-san"
・Providing aosa soup made with Shima City's specialty "Aosa"

You can see the event details on Instagram!

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