Sea Cow Cup 2023 Sea Slug Photo Contest 

Sea cow cup 2023

Result announcement

first standKitagawa DS Dive GreenShizuoka Prefecture Kitagawa31073 points158
Second standingCollins DCShizuoka Prefecture Kumomi14625 points209 species of
Third standingMarine Stage KushimotoWakayama13478 points211 species of
Fourth standingFukuoka Diving ParkFukuoka13308 points56 species of
Fifth standDiving Hiroshima SEA EGGHiroshima11785 points113 species of
Sixth standingTatsunokuchi Diving Service Blue Earth 21 NagasakiNagasaki11353 points98 species of
Seventh standAristo DiversMie5993 points87 species of
8th standingDiving shop NANAKanagawa Prefecture5958 points81 species of
Ninth standingClover Diving ServiceAtami, Shizuoka Prefecture3854 points72 species of
tenth standingDiving shop SBKagoshima2066 points54 species of

Shop competition: Color division

Kaigyu Cup 2023 rules

Photographing a sea slug while diving
Check out the body color of the sea slug in the photo!
Have a point color in your body color and get points♪
4Total points will be added every day, and the winning store will be determined by the total score during the period!
The point colors start with 3 colors, 2 colors will be added at the mid-term announcement, and 1 color will be added at the deadline! A big twist at the end?!


Sea cow cup start date01 April
Intermediate announcement
(2 colors added)
03 April
Final deadline
(1 colors added)
03 April
Result announcementEarly November


Prize money 5 yen/trophy

Kaigyu Cup 2023 Photo Contest Category

Grand Prix

Prize money 5 yen and prizes

Associate Grand Prix

Prize money 2 yen and prizes

3 bit



underwater photographer
Kyu Kumi San

Application period

In January 2023 01 28 May 03 May Day ~ 26

How to Apply

Just post on Instagram with the tag below♪
#Sea cow cup 2023 Photocon #Shop name

Earn points with the sea slug color.

special sticker

Limited quantity!

Those who participate will receive a special sticker♪
Please feel free to join us♪

point color


high point color


final bose color

*Announced after final deadline*


Holding store

Aristo DiversMie
Clover Diving ServiceAtami, Shizuoka Prefecture
Collins DCShizuoka Prefecture Kumomi
Diving Hiroshima SEA EGGHiroshima
Diving shop SBKagoshima
Diving shop NANAKanagawa Prefecture
Fukuoka Diving ParkFukuoka
Kitagawa Diving Service Dive GreenShizuoka Prefecture Kitagawa
Tatsunokuchi Diving Service Blue Earth 21 NagasakiNagasaki
Marine Stage KushimotoWakayama

We are looking forward to the participation of many people.
This year too, please
Please come and take photos of sea slugs.

Aristo Divers

Interim announcement: Number of points by color until February 26th

Intermediate announcement

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