Shima City Sports Festival

Shima City Sports Festival
We have baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, kendo, and track and field!

What is Shima City Sports Festival?

The Shima City Sports Festival will be held on February 2th at the Tokai Elementary School ground/gymnasium. The main contents include PR and practice experience sessions for youth sports clubs, sports attractions, product sales (food and drink sales), and many other fun activities. The organizers are the Shima City Sports Boys' Club and the Shima City Board of Education. During this event, the cafe “Stop by Joe” has its own booth and sells pork soup, rice balls, and pho soup. Come and enjoy!

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DayFebruary 2th (Sat/Holiday) Reserve date: February 11th (Sun)
placeTokai Elementary School ground/gymnasium
Main contentsSports youth team PR & practice experience sessions, sports attractions, product sales (food and drink sales)
ImplementerShima City Sports Boys Club Shima City Board of Education
Contact0599-44-0339 Shima City Sports Boys Club Secretariat (Inside the Lifelong Learning and Sports Division)

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