Shima's Sweets & Pan Fair

Shima's Sweets & Pan Fair

What is Shimano Sweets Bread Fair?

At the Shima Sweets Bread Fair, popular shops in Shima City will gather, so be sure to try their delicious breads and sweets. Stock is limited, so come early!

・Please bring your eco pack.・Please come wearing a mask on the day of the event.
・If the event is canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, we will notify you on our website, etc.

takeout only

Time & Date

Sunday, February 5, 2 (Rain or shine)
AM 10:00 to PM 2:00


Aji Arena (bay hall and courtyard)
1074-14 Shinmei, Agocho, Shima City


  • Bakery Fujita
    Sweet bread, etc., raw chocolate, apple pie
  • Ricca Ricca
    Mini crepe, parfait tongue/amber sugar
  • Pasta shop Michelle
    Bai muffin etc.
  • Maki’s Bakery
    Bread, sweets, coffee, confiture
  • bambino harp cafe
    Apple pie, quiche, meat pie, chocolate pie
  • Confectionery workshop Shimaya
    Tanuki cake/roll cake/bread
  • Mrs. Potts ●Kitchen car
  • Sweets shop ●Kitchen car
    Kashikoyaki/baked sweets
  • Umaimontei ●Kitchen car
    Gohei Mochi•< Mochi, etc.
  • NAKA Yama YA ●Kitchen car
    Tobu Donut French Toast
  • Edel Cafe ● Kitchen car
Contact UsShima City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Fisheries Food Section
TEL 0599-44-0700
FAX 0599-43-5146

Enjoy Shima