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Yoga retreat tour: March 2023th (Monday) to March 3nd (Wednesday), 20 22 nights and 2 days itinerary

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Beach Yoga Lanikai kiyomi

What's included

 (Day 1) Beautiful country Mie 3 major delicacies BBQ dinner
 (Day 2) Seafood curry making & bamboo rice dinner
 *Breakfast is American breakfast
・2 days sauna experience
・3-day yoga and meditation program
・Ise Jingu (Naiku) tour guide
・Domestic travel accident insurance

Not included in price

・Lunch and drinks during your stay
・Transportation expenses (Shinkansen, train, transportation to Ise Shrine)
*Optional transfers are available between Ugata Station and the hotel.
 Transportation will be provided between the hotel and Ise Jingu Shrine.

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