Nakiri stonework exhibition

Nakiri stonework exhibition
Japan Society of Civil Engineers Selected Civil Engineering Legacy Certification
“Nakiri stone masonry structures”

What is the Nakiri Stonework Exhibition?

Nakiri's stone masonry structures are the masonry of fishing ports and villages built by local stonemasons, and are a valuable civil engineering heritage that supported the development of Nakiri town, including Daiozaki.

As Jama Terrace, we will be holding a stone-laying experience during the event.
As an environmental issue, we are creating stones by recycling crowbars (styrofoam) from marine debris!
It is made light so that children can experience it, so they can easily play and experience traditional culture!
Please come by all means!


  • Panel display
  • Workshop masonry experience
  • Sakura Cafe

Nakiri stonework exhibition time and location

date/time3 month 4 day (Saturday) · 5 day (day)
PlaceDaijiji Temple New Main Hall
409 Nakiri, Daio-cho, Shima City

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