An Evening of Mie's Blessed ingredients and Japanese Wine at Miyako Resort Shima Bayside Terrace

An evening of Mie's blessings and Japanese wine

“Mie no Megumi and Japanese Wine Evening” will be held at Miyako Resort Shima Bayside Terrace on April 2023, 4, where you can enjoy French cuisine made with vegetables and fruits from Mie Prefecture, Japanese wine, and local sake from Mie Prefecture. . The price is 20 yen per person, and pairing drinks and accommodation plans are also available.



cold appetizer

Ise shrimp and Ise Yamamura rich milk Bavarois galette sauce Americane

Hot appetizer

Grilled Iga rice risotto and abalone consommé soup served with butterbur scallop paste

fish dishes

Sauteed Iga asparagus, Kuwana clams, Minami Ise sea bream with charcoal, sauce hollandaise


Akihime strawberry granita topped with Hanzo jelly

Meat dish

Iga beef fillet en croute sauce madele


Misugi black tea and Meyer lemon cream mousse chocolate, whole grain sable from Minamiise, served with Misugi black tea ice cream


Small sweets - Ise tea raw chocolate, Mie citrus guimauve, Mie rice flour petit choux

Pairings include Japanese wines such as Ajimu Sparkling 2019, Minamiise Koshu 2022, Hanzo Junmai Daiginjo Kaminoho, Kurisawa Blanc 2022, Kido Private Reserve Flower 2020, and Kimoto Shikomi Junmai Kijoshu Omekashi, as well as Japanese wines and sake from Mie Prefecture. are available.

There will also be a pairing of zero-proof drinks with zero alcohol content.

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 The displayed amount includes consumption tax and service charge.
 If some of the dishes are changed due to purchasing status

Total chef

Executive Chef Tetsuyuki Kariya
(Tetsuyuki Kariya) Profile

In 1990, he joined Miyako Hotel Osaka (currently Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka), and after gaining experience as a chef at various Western restaurants such as restaurant & lounge "eu" and buffet restaurant "Top of Miyako," he became a chef in 2020. He became the executive chef of Miyako Resort Shima Bayside Terrace, where he currently remains.

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