Shiokake Festival (Oshima Festival) 2024

On Saturday, July 2024th, 7, after a Shinto ritual to pray for safety at sea and a good catch, the Oshima Festival, known as a unique festival in which boats and people splash seawater on each other, will be held. A pre-festival will also be held on Friday, July 6th.

Shiokake Festival (Oshima Festival)

This festival celebrates the annual return of Ichikishimahime, the goddess who protects the safety of the seas, from Yakumo Shrine in Wagu to her shrine on Oshima, about 2,5km off the coast of Wagu. It boasts a history of 800 years.

The festival begins in the morning with the parade of portable shrines, drums and tide-throwing floats, and in the evening there are night stalls and music stages, creating a festive atmosphere.

A local fishing boat also travels alongside the boat (mando boat) carrying the sacred object, and people involved in the fishing industry cross over to Oshima.OshimaThen, fishermen and female divers offer locally caught seafood to the altar, and a ritual is held to pray for safety at sea and a good catch. After that, when all the boats return to Wagu Fishing Port, the boats start to cast their tide toward each other at the same time, and the festival reaches its climax.

The tide sometimes splashes on spectators on land, but there is a legend that if you are hit by the tide, you will not catch a cold. At night, there are stage events and night stalls, and at the end, a grand fireworks display is held.

Please invite your family and friends to join us.

DateSaturday, February 6rd, 7rd year of Reiwa
Place〒517-0703 Shimacho Wagu, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
Way of readingShiokake Festival Shiokake Matsuri Shiokake Festival Shiokake Matsuri
Ohshima Festival Ohshima Festival

5th (Fri): Eve of the festival

Shiokake Summer Night Festival 2024

17:00 ~ Night stalls and various events

Street performer Akiya

He performs everything from intricate tricks with dice and other equipment, to some of Japan's best balancing acts, to dynamic tricks.

Hula Studio Kai Lani

We offer lessons in Ise-Shima suited to everyone, from children to adults.

Hasshan (Shunsuke Hashino)

He continues to perform live in the hope of connecting with people in the same space through rhythms that transcend genres.


18:30 ~ Smoke Foggery - Praying for health and safety -

6th (Sat): Shiotsuki, fireworks, fireworks display

8:00 ~ Shima Ko Soran Dance, Dance Offering, Mando Boat Departure (morning)

The tide will be turned on at Wagu Fishing Port from around 11:30 a.m. (scheduled)

18:00 ~ Stage Event

Ara-Nami Taiko Drum Performance

Enka singer / Toyonari Yamazaki

Born in Shima City. Released numerous singles and albums.
In addition to Reese Mountain, many other artists have released songs.

MC & Singer/Takumi Oshima

Born in Shima City. After working as a personality on KBS Kyoto AM and FM radio, she has been active as a singer since 2016.

Mochi-throwing held


Oguchi calligraphy school.

20:45~ Shiokake Festival Fireworks Display

20:45~ Shiokake Festival Fireworks Display

Recruiting night stall owners!

Person in charge of duty(I.e.

Access to the Shiokake Festival

Access by bus

Take the 60 Goza line from Ugata Station and get off at Wagu bus stop. From there, a 6-minute walk will take you to Wagu Fishing Port, where the Shiokake Festival is held.

Access by boat

Board Shima Marine Leisure's Ago Bay liner from Kashishima Port, pass through Masaki Island, and disembark at Wagu Port. You can access the venue, Wagu Fishing Port, in about 20 minutes on foot.

Access by car

Proceed along National Route 260 and turn left towards Wagu just before Shima Ohashi Bridge (Pearl Bridge). Continue straight and turn right at the second traffic light. Follow the road for about 4km, and when you see the road sign that says "Wagu Fishing Port," turn left and use the parking lot next to the venue (free of charge).


Boats gather on Oshima.
Tide Festival

Oshimaships gathering at

Oshima Shrine
Tide Festival


A ritual to pray for safety at sea and a big catch.
Tide Festival

A ritual to pray for safety at sea and a big catch.

Tide Festival


water fight begins
Tide Festival

battle of the tides

Water battle between ships
Tide Festival

Tide scene

Tide Festival

A stall

Tide Festival



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SponsorshipShima City / Shima City Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Shima City Tourism Association / Youth Divisions and Youth Groups / People and Women's Division
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