“Shimashima Asobi” “Ise Shima Molook Cup 2023” (Mazaki Island)

“Shimashima Asobi” “Molook Cup 2023” (Mazaki Island event)

This Saturday, the 18th, "Shimashima Asobi" and "Ise Shima Molook Cup 2023" will be held on Masaki Island, a remote island in Wagu, Shima Town.

``Shimashima Asobi'' will feature many attractive booths, including restaurants, workshops, and children's recreation.

"Ise Shima Molook Cup 2023", Shima City's first Molook event, is sure to feature heated battles including league matches and championship matches! Even if you have never seen a competition before, or have been interested in it for a while, why not take this opportunity to watch it?

ladies and gentlemenAfter the invitation,Please feel free to join us.

Shimashima play

Time10:00-15:00 *In case of rain Sunday, November 11th
MessageMany restaurants, workshops, children's recreation, etc.

Ise Shima Molook Cup 2023

Schedule11:00~ [Reception starts]
11:20~ [Opening Ceremony/Rules]
11:30~ [Match start (league match)]
14:00 ~ [Championship match]
*In case of rain 11/19 (Sun)

Traffic access

Take the Ago Bay regular boat (Shima Marine Leisure) from Kashishima Port (2 minutes walk from Kintetsu Kashijima Station) to Masaki Island (about 10 minutes)


Shimashima play (flyer)

Enjoy Shima