Pre-opening of guest rooms with hot spring open-air baths! (March 2024, 3) [Shinyu Asobi Neboya]

Example of a guest room with an open-air hot spring bath *Image photo
Example of a guest room with an open-air hot spring bath *Image photo

Tomorrow, March 3th (Saturday), some of the guest rooms and private hot spring baths that have been renovated since November 16 at the popular accommodation facility "Shinyu Asobi Neboya" will reopen on March 2023th. I will do it.

To commemorate the reopening, we have also introduced a special guest room plan with an open-air hot spring bath that is 1 yen off per person from the regular price. Please take this opportunity to make a reservation.

Renewal opening commemoration/Room plan with hot spring open-air bath *HP only

periodNovember 2024, 3 - January 16, 2024
Reference price per person[Two meals included] ¥2 - ¥22,500 (service charge and consumption tax included)
Completely private restaurant

Completely private restaurant *Image photo

For meals, enjoy dishes with a theme of Ise-Shima delicacies and hot springs in a space with a calm atmosphere.

Private hot spring bath (opens March 3th)

Hot spring private bath (opens March 3th) *Image photo

You can use several private baths, including a hot spring bath that is rare in Mie Prefecture. Please be sure to visit the hot springs while taking a bath in your guest room.


食 前 酒
Pay firstSeasoned conch shellfish
AppetizerAssortment of seven carefully selected varieties
ZosatoAssortment of four carefully selected hot spring salt water and homemade soy sauce
Warm foodPearl pork hot pot (locally raised pig)
soupTurban shell soup
Neboya specialtyIse lobster & shellfish prefix
Meat dishgrilled beef loin
VinegarSakura sea bream wrapped in dragon skin
riceseafood chazuke
Today's dessert
*Both dinner and breakfast will be restaurant meals.

[Regarding dinner time]

Meal times are determined by the hotel, depending on arrival time, number of guests, food content, etc.

◆We also accept custom-made dishes. Please contact us by the day before.

[When making a reservation]

*Smoking is prohibited in both the rooms and the building. If you wish to smoke, please use the smoking area outside the building.

*This hotel strictly prohibits guests with tattoos from staying or entering the facility.

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