A special event with “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet” will be held! [Shima Spain Village]

A special event with “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet” will be held! [Shima Spain Village]
*From left: Pikachu, Nyaoha, Kwass, Hogeta (Pokemon that appear in the work)
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From June 2024th (Saturday) to September 6rd (Monday), 29, the popular theme park Shima Spain Village will hold a special event with the Nintendo Switch software ``Pokemon Scarlet and Violet'' as the third project to commemorate the 9th anniversary of its opening. The event "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet" Pokémon Extracurricular Class in Shima Spain Village will be held.

Inside the park, there will be a battle court for the town ``Table City'' that appears in the story, as well as photo spots with over 70 different types of Pokémon.

There will also be a riddle-solving rally where you can search for the treasure-hunting Pokémon "Coleclay" and collect keywords.

We also sell original menus inspired by Pokemon. As a bonus for ordering, you can get a special sticker!

The event is timed to coincide with students' summer vacation, so why not plan your trip with your friends and family?


event name“Pokémon Scarlet and Violet” Pokémon Extracurricular Lesson in Shima Spain Village
Avaibility periodMay 2024st (Sat) -May 6st (Mon), 29
Summary① Setting up a photo spot that takes advantage of the park scenery at Shima Spain Village
② Round-trip rally event
③Sales of original menus
Event PlaceShima Spain Village
(Sakazaki, Isobe-cho, Shima-shi, 517-0292)
Parking LotAbout 4200 units

Pokemon Scarlet Violet

The latest work in the "Pokemon" series released on November 2022, 11 as software for Nintendo Switch. This is a very popular game that has sold over 18 million copies worldwide.https://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/sv/ja/

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The Nintendo Switch logo and Nintendo Switch are trademarks of Nintendo.

Event contents

1.Photo spot

The Plaza Mayor, surrounded by orange walls, will feature the Battle Court of Table City, a town that appears in Pokémon Scarlet Violet (hereafter referred to as Pokémon S & V). Decorations inspired by the Orange Academy and Grape Academy, which also appear in Pokémon S & V, are also planned.
In addition, over 70 different types of Pokémon, including Pikachu and Nyaoha, will be appearing throughout the park. You can enjoy the scenery of Pokemon and exotic buildings such as white-walled cityscapes and ancient castles.

2. Round-trip rally event “Looking for Colleklay”

Round-trip rally event “Looking for Colleklay”

While solving the riddles written in the "Coleclay Search Book" (booklet), we will also hold a riddle-solving rally to search for the treasure Pokemon "Coleclay" and collect keywords.

Those who find all the collectibles and solve the final mystery will get an original pouch.

Booklet sales locationFashion Gallery "Maestro"
Entry fee1 yen per book
*Booklets are available in limited quantities and will be discontinued once they are gone.
*Pokémon goods will be sold at the fashion gallery "Maestro".

3.Original menu

A total of 8 types will be sold at the 3 stores, including menus using Spanish dishes such as paella and churros inspired by the Pokémon of the Paldea region, and cooling drinks.

With each order of either menu, you will receive a special sticker (randomly selected from a total of 8 types) as a bonus.

○Restaurant “El Patio”

“Coridon’s “Accelerator Break” Set” 2,900 yen

"Miraido's Inazuma Drive Set" 2,900 yen

This set includes tapas (tortilla, jamon serrano, salad) with sauces inspired by the techniques of Corydon and Myridon, seafood paella decorated with monster ball monaka, and sweets inspired by the jewel-like "Terrastal".

○Restaurant “El Patio” “Coridon’s “Accelerator Break” Set” 2,900 yen “Miridon’s “Inazuma Drive” Set” 2,900 yen
〇Churro shop “Churreria” “Pamo and Pikachu crackling churro sander” 1,300 yen “Minive’s olive churro sundae” 1,300 yen

〇Churro shop “Chureria”

“Pamo and Pikachu’s crackling churro thunder” 1,300 yen

Chocolate churros, soft serve ice cream with mango and pine sauce, Pamo and Pikachu cheeks with grapes and cherries,
Express the electric type with crackling candy.

“Minive’s Olive Churro Sunday” 1,300 yen

Grapes are topped with cinnamon churros and soft serve ice cream drizzled with olive oil. Accented nuts and black pepper tighten the flavor.

〇Cafe “Mi Casa”

“Nyaoha’s Konoha Matcha Milk” 1,000 yen

“Hogeta’s “Hinoko” Strawberry Lassi” 1,000 yen

“Kwassu’s “Mizudeppou” Ramune Soda” 1,000 yen

Drinks inspired by Kusa type (Matcha), Honoo type (Strawberry), and Mizu type (Ramune). Nyaoha, hogeta, and kvass macarons are placed on top of the whipped cream.

“Pokemon Daisuki Picnic Sandwich” 800 yen

Sandwich with tomato, lettuce, cheese, and ham. Add dressing to your liking and enjoy. Comes with a star-shaped pick.

〇Cafe “Mi Casa” “Nyaoha’s “Konoha” Matcha Milk” 1,000 yen “Hogeta’s “Hinoko” Strawberry Lassi” 1,000 yen “Kwassu’s “Mizudeppo” Ramune Soda” 1,000 yen

Purchase benefits

Those who order the original menu will receive a special sticker (randomly selected from 8 types).

*Due to limited quantities of each menu item, sales may be suspended or discontinued.
*Benefits are limited in quantity and distribution will end as soon as they run out.
*Quantity restrictions may be placed on menu orders.


Public Transportation: Approx. 13 minutes by Mie Kotsu Bus (paid service) from Kintetsu Ugata Station
Car: Approx. 20 minutes from the Shiroki IC of the Daini-Ise Road

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