Daio Grand Prize Exhibition (first half) [Daio Art Gallery]

Daio Grand Prize Exhibition (first half) [Daio Art Gallery]

On April 4th (Thursday), the Daio Grand Prize Exhibition (first half) will be held at the Daio Art Gallery (4nd floor exhibition room).


Daio Town's scenic landscape and the people living there stimulated the creative spirit of people who love painting, and from around the Taisho era, young painters and art students who wanted to experiment with new forms of expression began to visit. The people of the town welcomed them warmly, and the town became known throughout the country as a drawing town.
In 1996, the former Daio-cho declared itself a ``painting town'' so that many people could learn about its beautiful scenery, and even now that it has become Shima City, it continues to support people who draw.

The ``Daio Grand Prize Exhibition'' is sponsored by the Painting Town Daio Executive Committee, and the first painting exhibition was held in 1997, and has been held every other year since then until the 13th edition in 2021.
The works selected for the Grand Prize, Gold Prize, Silver Prize, and Bronze Prize are purchased and kept by Shima City. The works are held in special exhibitions at the Daio Art Gallery and on display inside the Shima City Hall building, helping to improve tourism and cultural awareness among citizens.


DateApril 6th (Thursday) - May 4th (Monday), 4
Museum Hours of Operation9:00-17:00 (last entry 16:00)
*Until 16:00 on the last day
Museum HolidaysTuesdays and Wednesdays (open on public holidays)
Admission feeFree
VenueDaio Art Gallery 2nd floor exhibition room



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