Traveling Mercado 2024 in Omitakan

Traveling Mercado 2024 in Omitakan

From Sunday, April 2024, 4, the event "Traveling Mercado 14 in Omitakan" will be held at Omitakan (Erihara, Isobe Town).

Along with music, there will be a number of marché stalls selling delicious food from around the world and exotic miscellaneous goods.

Please take this opportunity to participate.


Time & DateSunday, October 2024, 4 14:10-00:15
* Light rain will be held, rainy or strong wind will be canceled
(517 Erihara, Isobe-cho, Shima-shi, Mie 0209-951)
SponsorshipChokotto City Yururu Secretariat


Morning section

10:00Hisaomi Sakuta and his fun friends ~ JAZZ/USA
10:40Carina Marin ~ Ocarina Italian musical instrument
12:00Isobe Kids ~ Isobe Taiko

Afternoon section

12:40Singing bowl & handpan/Tibet/Nepal/Switzerland
13:20Ocean Boys ~J-POP/Folk~Japan
14:00Lani Hula Studio - Hula Dance - Hawaii

Marche list

B&B Forest ShimaSandwiches/baked sweets
Cocojan Kitchencuban sandwich
6 2 KhabaBiryani
AppappayaNot just takoyaki, but grilled shellfish
KoshibaKarinto Manju
Bambino Herb Cafeapple pie quiche
Martha Casual diningYangnyeom chicken chumoppa rice ball
vietnamese food storeASUKA SHOP
Chinese herbal tea Sanmaru traveling oilOLIVA de BETICA
AYURMoroccan miscellaneous goods
MoN Bloc Notesaroma
Tendon pulling Ise adjustmentTendon pulling (manipulative treatment)

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Nearest station: Kintetsu Kaminogo Station

It's right next to Isobe Pool on the way to Izanomiya Shrine


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