Retry trip in NEMU [NEMU RESORT]

At the popular accommodation facility "NEMU RESORT", in conjunction with "International Yoga Day" on June 6st, a plan will be released where you can experience "yoga" at a reasonable price for one month from June 21st to June 6th. .

"NEMU RESORT" is located in a rich natural environment that is the size of 61 Tokyo Domes, surrounded by forests and the sea, and offers activities that take advantage of nature such as star watching, SUP (stand up paddle board), kayaking, and cruising on its vast grounds. There is a wide variety of experience programs available, and there is a dedicated yoga terrace on top of the hill, where you can experience yoga with an awareness of the four seasons and the changes of the day.   

[Day trip only] Morning yoga program “Morning Rela” at a great value

A lecture by NEMU's exclusive yoga instructor and a rental mat are included, so even beginners can enjoy the experience without bringing anything. You can also use the ``Megumi-no-Yu'' exclusively for guests, where you can enjoy three types of baths, including a natural hot spring and a pearl aurora bath (Shinju no Yu).

Experience authentic yoga at a reasonable price that can only be used once per person.

If you are a beginner who has never done yoga but would like to try it, or if you are worried about whether you can commute to NEMU RESORT from your home, please give it a try.

Prices1 yen ⇨ 1,650 yen *Limited to 550 time per person

“NEMU Yoga Passport” at an even more preferential price!

If you purchase the "NEMU Yoga Passport," a set of 5 morning Rela sessions for day-trippers for 5,500 yen (regularly 8,250 yen) during June, you will receive 6 session for the same price. You can save 1 yen from the regular price.  

Prices5,500 yen (normally 5 times set ⇨ 6 times set)

Accommodation plan where you can spend “retreat time” to return to your true self

[June only] Solo yoga plan (breakfast included)

You can also choose a ``marine taxi,'' which allows you to check in from the sea, or a mobility vehicle that allows you to stroll around the vast grounds. In addition to morning Rela, we also offer special rates for new moon, full moon, and sunset.

Prices[1 night with breakfast] From 26,070 yen per person *Bathing tax not included
Message ・Morning Rela (7:00-8:00)
*New Moon Yoga (6/6), Full Moon Yoga (6/22), Sunset Yoga (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday only)
You can participate for a special additional fee (2,200 yen).
・Rental items (2 hours) You can choose one type from the following.
①Electric kickboard ②Electric tricycle ③Land car ④Electric assist cycle
・Pick-up at Kashijima Port by marine taxi

[Retreat Stay] A relaxing holiday with gourmet food, pearl hot springs, and morning Rela (dinner and breakfast included)

Morning Yoga Program At Morning Rela, you can relax your body while feeling the wind, light, and sound, purifying and refreshing both mind and body.

Prices [1 night with dinner and breakfast] From 2 yen per person when 1 people occupy 28,160 room *Bathing tax not included
Message・Morning Rela (7:00-8:00)
・NEMU RESORT original eco bottle present  

≪Hot bath facility “Megumi no Yu”≫

The hot bathing facility ``Megumi-no-Yu'' includes ``Shosai-no-Yu,'' a hot spring water that comes from the source on the premises, ``Gukan-no-Yu,'' which was jointly developed with Mikimoto Cosmetics, and ``Pearl Aurora,'' which shines with a pearl-like aurora. You can soak in the blessings of Ise-Shima's nature to your whole body while touring three elaborately designed hot springs, including a bath.

Times Available 6:00-10:30, 15:00-24:00

◆3 types of hot water 

<Healing> Shiosai no YuA private natural hot spring filled with the energy of nature
<Purification> Gokan no KiyuContains Alpine tree bark extract
<Reproduction> Shinju no Yu (Pearl Aurora Bath)Contains natural moisturizing ingredients extracted from pearls and Akoya oysters.
*“Gokan no Kiyu” and “Pearl Aurora Bath” are hot springs created in collaboration with Mikimoto Cosmetics.

Enjoy an elegant moment with Mikimoto Cosmetics treatment and lunch

Spa & Lunch where you can enjoy delicious food from The Lobby Lounge, a relaxing space, and luxurious treatments. In addition, guests can also use the Megumi-no-Yu bath, where guests can enjoy three types of baths, including a natural hot spring and a pearl aurora bath (Shinju no Yu).

Prices13,200 yen *excluding bathing tax
treatmentNEMU Original Body (40 minutes) or NEMU Original Facial (40 minutes)
[Time] 15: 00 ~
LunchWestern food/Mini course
[Time] 11:30-14:00 (LO14:00)

In addition, there is the Bonfire Cafe where you can relax while watching the swaying flames, star watching where you can observe the starry sky, SUP and sea kayaking, and the resort golf course NEMU GOLF CLUB located on the seaside. You can experience the activities while feeling the .




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