20th anniversary commemorative project kick-off event

The Shima Municipal Corporation 20th Anniversary Project Executive Committee will hold a kickoff event on May 12rd (Friday/holiday) to carry out various commemorative projects until the end of December.

In addition to widely disseminating the fact that it is the 20th anniversary of the city's incorporation through events, we are also preparing various plans for the enjoyment of the citizens. In the evening, a special screening using projection mapping and bamboo light is also planned. Please come and visit us.


Time & DateMay 2024, 5 (Friday/Holiday) 3:11-00:20
*Rain or shine event / Stormy weather event canceled
VenueAgo Arena/City Library
SponsorshipShima City 20th Anniversary Project Executive Committee


Projection mapping 19:00-20:00

[20th anniversary of city organization]
Special screening with a collaboration of projection mapping and bamboo light! Please pay attention to the powerful performance!

Large indoor air play equipment 11:00-19:00

The entire hall is a large air play equipment (fluffy play
A space full of fun filled with ingredients!

Drawing experience booth 11:00-19:00

The picture I drew came to life
New sea urchins projected on a large screen
A sensory experience too!

Food and beverage booths 11:00-20:00

Various restaurants in the city are opening! Same as usual
Recognize the charm of the city, including its charming shops!

Good Holiday marche (Marche) 11:00-17:00

Popular shops and kitchen trucks are lined up!
Delicious restaurants that you can't usually go to
From eats to gourmet food. Hold an event in the city
It will be presented by "Yorimichi Marche".

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La Festa Primavera 2024 (La Festa Primavera 2024)

The annual classic sports car festival "La Festa Primavera" will be held over the Tokai, Kinki, and Chubu regions for five days from April 2024th (Friday) to April 4rd (Wednesday), 19.

The first event was held in Osaka in 2009, and this year marks the 15th anniversary.

In Shima City, we plan to run through two facilities: Shima Kanko Hotel and SunR Isobe.

Don't miss this opportunity to take a look at each original classic car, full of individuality that modern cars don't have.


ScheduleFebruary 2024, 4 (Friday) - March 19, 2024 (Tuesday)
*Running will run until the 22nd
RouteStart: Nagoya City, Atsuta Shrine ~ Mie Prefecture, Shima City ~ Wakayama Prefecture, Shirahama Town ~ Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City ~ Goal: Kyoto City, Okazaki Park
宿 泊Shima Kanko Hotel, Nanki-Shirahama Marriott Hotel, Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto
Mileage2 prefectures and 6 prefectures approximately 1,200km
Number of participating cars50 units (planned)
SponsorshipFORZA/BS Fuji

Estimated time of passage through Mie Prefecture


1:00 to 2:40Tsu City/Isshin Taterauchi Town
1:55 to 2:55Tsu City/Messe Wing Mie
2:40 to 3:40Ise City/Ise Grand Shrine Geku Approach
3:25 to 4:25Toba City/Toba Observation Deck
3:55 to 4:55Shima City/Shima Kanko Hotel


7:00 to 7:30Shima City/Shima Kanko Hotel
7:15 to 8:15Shima City/SunR Isobe
7:40 to 8:40Ise City/Ise Grand Shrine (Inner Shrine)
7:45 to 9:30Ise City/Oharai Town/Okage Yokocho
9:20 to 10:20Taiki Town/Takiharamiya Parking Lot
9:55 to 11:10Kihoku Town/Roadside Station Kii Nagashima Sunfish
11:15 to 12:15Kumano City/Yamazaki Sports Park
11:20 to 1:30Kumano City/Sato Sojin Kumano Club

*The scheduled time of passage may change depending on the road conditions on the day.

"La Festa Primavera" introduction video


Shima City Kanko Hotel The Classic

731 Shinmei, Ago-cho, Shima-shi, Mie Prefecture

Shima City Kanko Hotel The Bay Suite

731 Shinmei, Ago-cho, Shima-shi, Mie Prefecture

SunR Isobe        

511-5 Anagawa, Isobe-cho, Shima-shi, Mie Prefecture

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Photo exhibition “Shima’s Four Seasons”

Photo exhibition “Shima’s Four Seasons”

The photo exhibition co-sponsored by the Shima Branch of the All Japan Photographic Federation, which is held every year at the Shima City History and Folklore Museum, is being held again this year.
This year's theme is ``Shima's Four Seasons'', a continuation of last year's ``Shima's Colors''.
Why not feel the charm of Shima once again through the many photos that give you a sense of the four seasons and colors.


Dates(Reiwa 5) December 2023, 12 (Friday) - (Reiwa 22) January 6, 2024 (Wednesday)
*Closed: Every Monday, last Thursday of every month, year-end and New Year holidays (December 12th to January 28th)
open time9:30 a.m. to 6:17 p.m. (Last entry is 30:XNUMX p.m.)
Museum Admissions FeeFree
PlaceShima City History and Folklore Museum (878-9 Sakanma, Isobe-cho, Shima-shi, Mie Prefecture)
Co-sponsoredAll Japan Photography Federation Shima Branch



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Held at a secret base that can only be reached by boat! Regional revitalization event held in Shima City, Mie Prefecture

Held at a secret base that can only be reached by boat! Regional revitalization event held in Shima City, Mie Prefecture

Operated by Umirabo Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shima City, Mie Prefecture, President and Representative Director: Kota Kawano, hereinafter referred to as Umirabo) and Plaza Create Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo / President and Representative Director: Hayato Shintani, hereinafter referred to as Plaza Create) THE GLAMPING PLAZA Ise Shima BASE, a glamping facility in Shima City, Mie Prefecture, will hold a collaboration event with the theme of regional revitalization in Shima City on Saturday, November 2023, 11. It was held.


The social innovation lab "Umirab" and the glamping facility "Ise-Shima BASE" aim to convey the charms of Shima City and contribute to the revitalization of the region. We held this collaboration event because we believe that by joining forces with two companies with the same aspirations, we can create new value for Shima City and further enhance its appeal.

[Umirab x Ise Shima BASE] Shima City regional revitalization event

“Regional Revitalization Event” program details

[Part 1: Crosstalk event ~ Talking about regional revitalization while looking out at Ago Bay ~]

We welcomed Mr. Kusuto Yamakawa, a member of the Shima City Council, as a guest and held a cross talk on the theme of "regional revitalization." With the beautiful Ago Bay in the background, we held a talk with attendees at the venue about ``Shima City's charms, challenges, and things we want to tackle in the future.''

Part 1: Crosstalk event ~ Talking about regional revitalization while looking out at Ago Bay ~ ①

A participant said, ``Shima City's charm is its beautiful sea.The sea is connected to pearl farming and Ama divers, and other traditions and cultures that are tied together are also treasures.''

Part 1: Crosstalk event ~ Talking about regional revitalization while looking out at Ago Bay ~ ②

In addition, "population decline" was cited as an issue for Shima City, and the speakers discussed solutions from their own perspectives.

Mr. Yamakawa expressed his enthusiasm, saying, ``By combining Shima's beautiful nature and art to increase its appeal, we hope to increase the number of visitors and people who want to live in Shima City.''

Shima City Council member Kusuto Yamakawa

Mr. Kawano, the representative of Umirab, said, ``I believe that interacting with local people will lead to further communication of Shima City's appeal.As a local, I can give back by helping people from outside the area to visit Shima City.'' "We want to serve as a buffer that will make it easier for people to integrate into the city. We want Umirab to encourage people to interact so that people from both inside and outside of Shima can come together and bring diverse wisdom and ideas to the table," he said emphatically. Ta.

Mr. Kawano, representative of Umirabo

Shintani from Plaza Create, who is in charge of Ise-Shima BASE, said, ``We would like to work with the local community to increase the value of Shima City. "We want to increase the number of fans of Shima City by providing locally produced food and activity experiences where you can interact with local people."

Mr. Shintani of Plaza Create

[Part 2: Experience program ~ Enjoy the charm of Ise-Shima! ~】

Activities were held at ``Umirab'' and ``Ise Shima BASE.''

SUP experience ①

[Umirab: SUP experience]

We invited an instructor from Kyoto and had a winter SUP experience wearing a wet suit. Most of the participants were SUPing for the first time, and it was impressive to see them enjoying the calm sea and nature of Ago Bay.

SUP experience ②

[Umirabo: Firewood chopping experience/bonfire]

Umirabo staff gave a lecture on how to use an ax, and afterwards the participants enjoyed chopping wood and making a bonfire.

Wood chopping experience/bonfire ①
Wood chopping experience/bonfire ②

[Ise Shima BASE: Kinko potato production]

We held a hands-on experience making ``Kinkoimo'', a popular local food of Shima. “Kinko-imo” is the name of dried sweet potatoes that have been grown in Shima for a long time.

Making Kinkoimo①

While receiving a lecture from Ise Shima BASE staff, the participants puffed potatoes, then peeled and sliced ​​them with a knife.

Making Kinkoimo ②

Afterwards, the students tasted and compared the puffed sweet potatoes they had made themselves with the ``kinko sweet potatoes'' they had prepared in advance. One participant commented, ``Both are sweet and delicious.It's interesting to see the difference in texture between the chewy kumko yam and the soft puffed yam.'' Another commenter said, ``This was the first time I learned about the origin of kinkoko imo and that it has been eaten as a snack by Ama divers since ancient times.It was a great opportunity to experience Shima's food culture.''

Making Kinkoimo ③

[Ise Shima BASE: Chair making experience]

We held a chair-making experience using domestically produced solid wood, with the aim of encouraging children to experience the joy of making a chair while fostering an interest in nature.

Chair making experience ①

It was impressive to see parents and children working together to cut with a saw and tighten screws.

Chair making experience ②
Chair making experience ③

Comments from participants included, ``It was fun for parents and children to have an experience they wouldn't normally have.I would like to do it again.''

This collaboration event attracted not only local residents of Shima City but also many participants from outside Mie Prefecture, and was an opportunity for them to fully experience Shima City's beautiful nature and food culture. It also became a place where new connections were created as people from various backgrounds interacted. Going forward, "Umirab" and "Ise Shima BASE" will continue to proactively communicate the charms of Shima City and aim to further contribute to the local community.

Umirabo Co., Ltd.

Company NameUmirabo Co., Ltd.
LocationShima City, Mie Prefecture

Plaza Create Co., Ltd.

Company Name Plaza Create Co., Ltd.
Head Office Location104-6027-8 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 10-XNUMX
Harumi Island Triton Square Office Tower X Building 27th Floor
RepresentativeRepresentative Director and President Hayato Shintani
Business activitiesBusiness related to photography, video, and communications
Plaza Create is a planning group that creates "everyone's plaza" where everyone from children to adults can connect through excitement, and we strive to increase rich connections between people.

Ise-shima Base

Address1480-1 Shinmei, Ago-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
Access[By car] Approximately 40 minutes by car from Ise Expressway Ise Nishi IC
[By public transportation] 7 minutes by car from Kinki Nippon Railway Ugata Station, free shuttle service available (reservation required)
Accommodation priceStandard Dome 4 people per room: 1 yen~ (17,600 adult)
Theater Dome 4 people per room: 1 yen~ (19,800 adult)
*Subject to change depending on the season.

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Anori Saki and Daiosaki Lighthouses are lit up in orange!

Anorisaki and Daiosaki lighthouses illuminated in orange

During November, which is Child Abuse Prevention Promotion Month, symbols of cities across Japan will be painted in child abuse prevention colors.
The "Nippon Orange Symbol Campaign", which lights up in orange, will be held at 16 facilities in 103 prefectures nationwide.

In Shima City, Anorisaki Lighthouse will be lit on November 11st, and Daiosaki Lighthouse will be lit from November 1st to 11th.

Please come and think about child abuse once again.


DateNovember 11st (Anorisaki Lighthouse)
November 11st to 1th (Daiosaki Lighthouse)
Lighting time18: 00 ~
SponsorshipNakahiro Co., Ltd.


Ise Shima Digital Stamp Rally

Ise Shima Digital Stamp Rally

You can win luxurious campaign prizes by lottery according to the number of points you earn while touring Ise-Shima. “Ise Shima Stamp Rally” will be held from November 11st (Wednesday)!

This event is full of benefits for those who want to rediscover the attractive sightseeing spots of Ise-Shima and those who want to enjoy exercise such as walking.

By all meansfamily and friendsPlease come with mePlease join us!


Campaign periodOctober 2023th Wed to March 11th Wed, 1
Target areaIse-Shima area (Ise city, Toba city, Shima city, Minamiise town)
Entry feeFree
SponsorshipIse Shima Tourism Convention Organization

Luxury campaign product list

How to participate in the stamp rally

*Please turn on location information service/GPS.

How to participate (1)
How to participate (3)
How to participate (2)
How to participate (4)
Each person has up to 5 chances to win prizes!

Each person has up to 5 chances to win prizes!

Applications can be made for each award from S to C depending on the number of points. If you accumulate an additional 100 points, you can apply for a special prize!

・Easy to accumulate points because of the addition method!

・Prizes for individual S-C awards will be selected at random, so look forward to seeing what you win!

・For the special prize, you can apply for one product of your choice from S to C prizes.

・If you win the special prize, you will receive all the prizes you selected!

*By accumulating points, each person can apply for the Special Prize, S Prize, A Prize, B Prize, and C Prize once.

*If you win one of the S to C prizes, the other entries will be invalidated.

*If you win the special prize, your application for the S to C prizes alone will be invalidated.

Facilities eligible for stamps

Notes/Terms of Use


Ise Shima Stamp Rally Access

Ise Shima Two Day Walk 11th

Ise Shima Two Day Walk

What is Ise Shima Two Day Walk?

The Ise-Shima Two-Day Walk is a wonderful outdoor experience event characterized by its beautiful natural environment and charming scenery. The event is typically held over two days and offers participants the opportunity to walk and enjoy the natural beauty of Ise-Shima National Park. The Ise-Shima Two-Day Walk attracts many people due to its beautiful natural environment.

This event allows participants to fully enjoy the beauty of the local nature by walking along a course set within Ise-Shima National Park. The course includes beautiful coastlines, woodlands and scenic lookout points, making it a dream come true for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The Ise-Shima Two-Day Walk provides participants with a new perspective and an opportunity to refresh their mind and body through its natural richness and diversity.


DatesOctober 14th (Sat) and 15th (Sun), 2023
Shima Marineland parking lot
Wanted periodUntil Friday, September 15, 2023

If you would like your name to be included in the conference magazine, please apply by Friday, September 1, 2023. Please note that we will not be able to fill in your application after this date.


Saturday, October 14th

Ise Shima Two Day Walk course on Saturday, October 14th
Dates距離ThemeReceptionistdeparture ceremonyスタートgoalwalking
14 days30kmVisit Anorisaki Lighthouse by boat
Toganoshima course
14 days10kmYokoyama Observatory a little bit
Hiking trail

Sunday, October XNUMXth

Ise Shima Two Day Walk course on Sunday, October 15th
Dates距離ThemeReceptionistdeparture ceremonyスタートgoalwalking
15 days20kmwalk along the coastline
Kokufu Shirahama Traverse Course
15 days6kmTouring Kashiwajima
walking course

Entry fee

General participants

ClassificationEntry feeParticipation souvenirs, etc.
General2,000 yen (tax included)Tournament magazine, tournament badge, bib
Course map/completion certificate/souvenir
Junior high/high school students1,000 yen (tax included)Tournament magazine, tournament badge, bib
Course map/completion certificate/souvenir
Elementary school students and youngerFreeBib, course map, completion certificate

Shima citizen participants

ClassificationEntry feeParticipation souvenirs, etc.
General1,500 yen (tax included)Bib, course map, completion certificate
Junior high/high school students500 yen (tax included)Bib, course map, completion certificate
Elementary school students and youngerFreeBib, course map, completion certificate

group participants

ClassificationEntry feeParticipation souvenirs, etc.
General1,700 yen (tax included)Tournament magazine, tournament badge, bib
Course map/completion certificate/souvenir
Junior high/high school students900 yen (tax included)Tournament magazine, tournament badge, bib
Course map/completion certificate/souvenir
Elementary school students and youngerFreeBib, course map, completion certificate
  • The participation fee is the same regardless of the number of days, course, or distance you participate.
  • Participation fees will not be refunded in the event of cancellation of participation after application.
  • Participation fee includes accident insurance fee.
  • If a company, group, or individual group of 5 or more people applies, a group participation fee will be charged.
  • A citizen participation fee has been set for Shima citizens.
    *Please note that we will not be accepting applications on the day.


Anyone who is healthy can participate.
However, those under elementary school age must be accompanied by a guardian (for a fee), and those who require assistance must be accompanied by a caregiver (for a fee).



Ise Shima Two Day Walk 11th Poster


Ise Shima Two Day Walk 11th Flyer 1
Ise Shima Two Day Walk 11th Flyer 2

Shima lighthouse lit up in blue on International Day of Sign Language

International Sign Language Day: Light up Shima’s lights in blue

On September 9, Shima City, in collaboration with the World Federation of the Deaf, will light up Anorisaki Lighthouse and Daiosaki Lighthouse in blue to celebrate the International Day of Deaf. On International Day of Sign Languages, let us join together with people around the world to spread awareness of sign languages.

On this special day, Shima City will participate in international events to support the importance of sign language and the protection of the human rights of deaf people. The International Day of Sign Languages, recognized by the United Nations General Assembly, is celebrated every year on September 9rd, and this year marks its sixth year. Sign language is one of the spoken languages ​​and plays an important role in raising awareness to guarantee the human rights of deaf people. The theme for 23 is "Towards a society where deaf people around the world can communicate in sign language anywhere!" Shima City resonates with this theme,Anorisaki lighthouseDaiosaki LighthouseBy lighting it up in blue, we will show people around the world the power and importance of sign language. Come see this amazing sight and join us in celebrating International Day of Sign Languages.


title“Turn the world and Japan blue! -Let’s make sign language shine with blue light-”
Challenge Project 2023 to bring citizens, local communities, and society together
PlaceShima City
Anorisaki lighthouse
Daiosaki Lighthouse
Date and TimeSeptember 2023, 9 (Saturday/Holiday) 23 minutes after sunset
The ending time depends on the regulations of the facility, etc.
up color
Blue (as a general rule #007EC4 or something close to this color)
How to readMake the world and Japan blue! Let's make Shuwagengo blue and bright.
Sekai soshite Nihon wo aoiro ni! Shuwa gengo wo bururaito de kagayaka seyou
Let's make the world and Japan blue!
Let's make our sign language shine with blue light!

Shima Certification (Beginner)

Shima Certification (Beginner)

The "Shima Certification Test" is held to let as many people as possible know about Shima City and experience its greatness. Test questions will be asked from areas such as Shima City's nature, history, culture, regional characteristics, economy, and industry.
Would you like to challenge yourself?

Preliminary training session/certification exam

Seminar date and timeSunday, September 5, 9 0:9-00:12 (Reception 00:8-)
Examination date and time令和5年9月10日(日)13:00~14:00(受付12:30~)試験13:10~(50分)
PlaceShima City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Multipurpose Hall
Course content etc.The instructor will use the text to focus on the content of the exam questions, and will teach about Shima City's nature, history, culture, etc.
We will explain regional characteristics, economy, industry, etc.
Testing method etc.・Test method Multiple choice questions (50 minutes)
・Test content: Questions will be asked from fields such as Shima City's nature, history, culture, regional characteristics, economy, and industry, with a focus on the content of the preliminary training session. You will pass if you answer 30% or more of the 80 questions correctly.
How to apply・Application period: July 7th (Tuesday) to August 25th (Friday), 8
・If using an application form, please fill in the necessary information on the "Application Form" and submit it to the address below.
517-0501 Agochō Ugata, Shima, Mie 1670-2
 General Incorporated Association Shima City Tourism Association “Shima Certification” Seminar Section
 *If sent by mail, the postmark must be August 8th.
・If applying from the homepage, please apply using the application form.
 *If received from the homepage, valid for receipts received on August 8th.
 *After the application period ends, the admission ticket will be sent to the address written on the application form.
Recruitment number60 people (first come first served)
Tuition fee2,500 yen (textbook included) *You can also purchase only the text (1 yen per book)
Examination fee1,500 yen
Payment MethodBank transfer Please transfer the amount to the following account at a financial institution.
Hyakugo Bank Ugata Branch Ordinary deposit 563,200 Shima City Tourism Association
Announcement of test resultsAfter the certification exam, successful candidates will be awarded a certificate of completion.
ElseOn the day of the test, please bring your test slip and writing utensils (pencil, eraser).
There are no rentals.

“Ama-san Train” sightseeing train gathering

Ama train

What is the Ama train?

There are active Ama divers on board the sightseeing train, and you can enjoy interacting with the Ama divers by taking commemorative photos while wearing them.
You can talk a lot with active Ama divers, who you don't usually get to meet.
Inside the train, there will be a model of the ``Irori'' of the Ama hut and materials on display, as well as events such as ``Aosa Soup'' and a raffle, so you are sure to enjoy the sightseeing train to the fullest.

Event details

Exhibition of a model of the hearth of the Ama hut

Exhibition of a model of the hearth of the Ama hut

Behavior of seaweed soup

Behavior of seaweed soup

Become an ama diver

Become an ama diver

Ama quiz

Ama quiz

Have fun in the car
with pleasure
Let's spend it!

rattle lottery

rattle lottery

Inside the car sales

Inside the Ama train, Shima brand-certified products such as ``Pearl scallops pickled in olive oil'', ``Aosa sea bream yokan'', and ``Akamoku hoso udon'', which are Shima city specialties, will be sold by the Shima City Tourism Association. .

Aosa Ushio Yokan

Aosa Ushio Yokan

Pearl scallops pickled in olive oil

Pearl scallops pickled in olive oil

Akamoku Thin Udon

Akamoku Thin Udon

*Photos and illustrations are all images.


runTwo round trips a day between Ise City Station and Kashijima Station
stop stationIse City Station, Ujiyamada Station, Isuzugawa Station, Toba Station, Ugata Station, Kashijima Station
Capacity1 people per train
Service Dates8/5 (Sat), 8/11 (Fri/Holiday), 8/12 (Sat), 8/19 (Sat)
It's only for 4 days so check it out!
PricesSightseeing train fare: One-way adult 510 yen/child 260 yen 
*To board the train, you will need to pay the regular fare in addition to the sightseeing train fare listed on the left.
Sale locationLimited express ticket sales counters at major Kintetsu stations.
*Tickets go on sale one month before your ride. 
*Seats cannot be reserved.

time schedule

Departing from Kashijima StationDeparting from Ugata StationDeparting from Toba StationDeparting from Isuzugawa StationDeparting from Ujiyamada StationArrive at Ise City Station
1 train10:3510:4011:1211:2311:2711:28
3 train13:2613:4114:0914:2014:2314:25
Arrive at Ise City StationDeparting from Ujiyamada StationDeparting from Isuzugawa StationDeparting from Toba StationDeparting from Ugata StationDeparting from Kashijima Station
2 train12:2112:2412:2712:3913:0813:13
4 train15:1615:1915:2315:3516:0916:14


Ama train flyer (front)
Ama train flyer (back)

Citywide cleanup activity - Event 7 days before the G100 Mie-Ise-Shima Transport Ministers' Meeting -

Citywide cleaning activity

Event overview

Taking advantage of the 2023 days before the G6 Mie-Ise-Shima Transport Ministers' Meeting to be held in Shima City between June 16th and 18th, 7, the city-wide event will be held as a kick-off for environmental improvement activities in preparation for the meeting. We will carry out cleaning activities.

This event will be a cleanup activity centered on the constituent organizations of the "MICE City Shima" citizen council that will lead to the future, but anyone is welcome to participate, so please feel free to apply.

MessagePick up trash from roads and tourist spots in various areas of Shima City.
Date and TimeMarch 3th (Saturday) *Cancelled due to rain
         8:30 Gather at each venue
         9:00 Cleaning activities start
      Around 10:00 Cleaning activity ends (scheduled)
Place5 venues in each region (meeting place)
            Aji Venue (Aji Arena)
            Hamajima venue (Oyahama coast)     
            Daio venue (Nakiri fishing port)
            Shima venue (Shima Cultural Center)   
            Isobe venue (former Isobe town hall)

*To all the members of the Citizens' Council,
The Ago venue (meeting place) changed from the original (Shima City Hall)
Please note that the venue has been changed to (Ago Arena).


We will provide work gloves and garbage bags to use when picking up trash.

*There is a limited number of fire scissors, so if you have them, please bring them.

*To reduce waste, please bring your own drink bottles.


・Parking is limited, so if you are arriving by car, please carpool.

・Although the organizer will take out event insurance on the day of the event, please be careful of your vehicle and other vehicles during the cleaning activities to avoid accidents.

・Anyone can participate, but if you are bringing small children, please keep an eye on them.

・In the case of cancellation, we will notify you on the Shima City website, etc.

Application for participation

Please access the application form above, fill in the required information, and apply.The deadline for application is Wednesday, December 3I will be up to.

Participation benefits

Eco Action Points will be awarded to those who participate in this event.The50Points will be awarded.

*Eco Action Points is a nationwide point program promoted by the Ministry of the Environment. Points are awarded for environmentally friendly activities. The points you save can be exchanged for environmental donations or various products.

First sunrise cruise flight 2023 (Reiwa 5)

At the beginning of the new year, we will be operating a ``First Sunrise Cruise'' where you can watch the first sunrise from the ocean.

This is a one-hour cruise that departs from Irago Port and Toba Port at 6:30 a.m. and arrives at the port on the opposite shore after admiring the first sunrise of the year above the horizon.

[Fare] One-way: 1,800 yen for adults, 900 yen for children (10% discount on return fare for round trip)

*If you are boarding as a passenger only, no reservation is required.
*If you bring a car on board, a separate vehicle transportation fee will be required.

Information on special passenger car reservations for Hinode flights only

Reservations accepted starting October 1st!

★6:30 departure from Irago Port 50 cars

★Tori 6:30 flight departing from Hanako 50 cars


For customers who only want to enjoy the first sunrise cruise, we recommend the "Day Cruising" ticket! !

When using the service, please mention ``Day Cruising'' at the counter.

[Fee] Round trip: 2,200 yen for adults, 1,100 yen for children

[Applicable conditions] You cannot disembark at the port on the opposite shore. You will board the return flight on the ferry you boarded.

[Sales location] Irago bus stop, Toba bus stop

      *Payment at Irago Terminal is cash only.

Information on parking area

☆Toba Port 
 Toba Ferry Terminal Paid 800 yen/vehicle per day
 *On the day of the event, we will be open from 5:30 am.
 After the cruise, enjoy sightseeing in Toba.
☆Irago Port
 Free parking in front of Irago Crystal Porto, approximately 200 spaces

 *The port area will be very crowded due to the long distance worship of the first sunrise of Cape Irago.

  It is expected that the parking lot will be full for two hours before and after sunrise.

  Please note that parking may not be available.