Hydrangea Festival/Hydrangea Marche (2024) [Daijji Temple]

The annual Hydrangea Festival and Hydrangea Marche will be held at Daijiji Temple (Nakiri, Daio Town) on Saturday, June 2024th and Sunday, June 6th, 8.

About Daijiji Temple

Daijiji Temple is called ``Shima's Hydrangea Temple'' because in June, hydrangeas bloom all over the area around the temple, making it look as if the temple is inside the hydrangeas.

Hydrangea festival

Time & DateJune 2024th (Sat) and 6th (Sun) 8 9:10 - 00:15
VenueDaijiji Temple
(517 Nakiri, Daio-cho, Shima-shi, Mie 0603-XNUMX)

Event schedule


Sale of Nodate (matcha) and hydrangea goods9:00 to 15:00
Exhibition “Ichinoseki Hari and Old Clothes Exhibition”9:00 to 15:00
Folk dance (dance)13: 00 ~


Sale of Nodate (matcha) and hydrangea goods9:00 to 15:00
Exhibition “Ichinoseki Hari and Old Clothes Exhibition”9:00 to 15:00
Brass band (Ise Wind Ensemble)13: 00 ~

Hydrangea Marche

Time & DateJune 2024th (Sat) and 6th (Sun) 8 9:10 - 00:15
VenueAround Daijiji Temple
(Around 517 Nakiri, Daio-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture 0603-XNUMX)
Store openingsAstellas (lunch box)
Snacks (lunch boxes, etc.)
Shimaya (sushi)
Heitaiya (vegetables/food)
Fugetsu (chiffon cake) 
Martha Dining (bento etc.)
Mankudo (baby castella) etc.
* Information such as stores and store opening dates will be updated from time to time.



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Shima Abalone Kingdom Festival (Reiwa 6)

The "Shima Abalone Kingdom Festival" will be held for the first time in five years at Fuseda Fureai Park in Shima Town on May 2024, 5 (holiday/Saturday).

About Shima Abalone Kingdom Festival

The Shima Abalone Kingdom Festival is a successor to the old town's town festival, with a new name, and will now be held for the 39th time as a major local event. The purpose of this event is for all those who participate in the festival to cooperate with each other to increase the number of resources, catch a large catch, and strengthen the development of commerce, industry, and tourism.


DatesMay 2024, 5 (holiday/Sat) *In case of stormy weather: May 4 (Sun)
open time9:00 to 15:00
VenueShimacho Fuseda Fureai Park (next to Shima B&G Marine Center)
(Fuseda, Shima-cho, Shima-shi, Mie 517-0702)
SponsorshipShima Abalone Kingdom Festival Executive Committee

time schedule

9:30Erhu performance ①
10:00Shima Arami Taiko ①
10:30Shima Kindergarten Dream Dance
11:00Calligraphy performance Taiko collaboration ①
11:30Old man dance
12:00Treasure scattering
12:15Turban shell weighing
12:30Mega abalone bread fast eating
12:45Shima Arami Taiko ②
13:15Calligraphy performance Taiko collaboration ②
13:45Erhu performance ②
14:30Closing remarks
Citizen participation eventTreasure-throwing tournament, mochi-throwing tournament, etc.
Stage eventGroup dances, Arami Taiko, calligraphy performances, etc.
Event by elementary school studentsDance by Shima Elementary School
Event by Shima KindergartenShima Kindergarten Dream Dance
ElseSpecialty products, food and drinks sold by various vendors in and outside of Shima City. Special product sales by Friendship Town (Shiratori Town, Gujo City, Tomika Town, Gifu Prefecture)




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Daio Grand Prize Exhibition (first half) [Daio Art Gallery]

Daio Grand Prize Exhibition (first half) [Daio Art Gallery]

On April 4th (Thursday), the Daio Grand Prize Exhibition (first half) will be held at the Daio Art Gallery (4nd floor exhibition room).


Daio Town's scenic landscape and the people living there stimulated the creative spirit of people who love painting, and from around the Taisho era, young painters and art students who wanted to experiment with new forms of expression began to visit. The people of the town welcomed them warmly, and the town became known throughout the country as a drawing town.
In 1996, the former Daio-cho declared itself a ``painting town'' so that many people could learn about its beautiful scenery, and even now that it has become Shima City, it continues to support people who draw.

The ``Daio Grand Prize Exhibition'' is sponsored by the Painting Town Daio Executive Committee, and the first painting exhibition was held in 1997, and has been held every other year since then until the 13th edition in 2021.
The works selected for the Grand Prize, Gold Prize, Silver Prize, and Bronze Prize are purchased and kept by Shima City. The works are held in special exhibitions at the Daio Art Gallery and on display inside the Shima City Hall building, helping to improve tourism and cultural awareness among citizens.


DateApril 6th (Thursday) - May 4th (Monday), 4
Museum Hours of Operation9:00-17:00 (last entry 16:00)
*Until 16:00 on the last day
Museum HolidaysTuesdays and Wednesdays (open on public holidays)
Admission feeFree
VenueDaio Art Gallery 2nd floor exhibition room



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All Japan Photographic Federation Shima Branch Photo Exhibition [Daio Art Gallery Special Exhibition]

All Japan Photographic Federation Shima Branch Photo Exhibition

Starting today, February 2th, the ``All Japan Photographic Federation Shima Branch Photo Exhibition'' will be held at the Daio Art Gallery (29nd floor exhibition room).

Members of the Shima branch of the All Japan Photographic Federation captured landscapes and people's lives with a fleeting photo opportunity. This year, the 7th time, the exhibition will be divided into Part XNUMX and Part XNUMX.

Please take a look at the proud works of our 13 members.


Dates[Part 1: “The Late Kohei Yamamoto and His Friends” Exhibition ~In Memoriam~]
Thursday, February 6, 2 - Monday, March 29, 3
[Part 2 “My Favorites”]
Thursday, February 6, 3 - Monday, March 7, 4
open time9:00-17:00 (Last admission time is 16:30) * 16:00 on the last day
VenueDaio Art Gallery 2nd floor exhibition room
(517-0603 Nakiri, Daio-cho, Shima-shi, Mie XNUMX-XNUMX)
Museum Admissions FeeFree
SponsorshipShima City Board of Education




All Japan Photo Federation Shima Branch Photo Exhibition (flyer)

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Sweaty Jizo Festival [Donoyama Yakushido]

Sweaty Jizo Festival

The ``Sweat Jizo Festival'', which is held every February 2th at Donoyama Yakushido Hall, is scheduled to be held again this year.

The temple features a sweating Jizo with a sitting height of about 1 meter, as well as replicas of the Kuki clan's treasures and a golden Yatagarasu.enshrinedThe festival is held to pray for safety at sea, a good catch, safety at home, prosperity in the family business, and traffic safety.

Please feel free to invite your family and friends to join us.


Time & Date2024 year 2 month 24 day (Sat) 8: 00 to 17: 00
VenueDonoyama Yakushido
(517 Nakiri, Daio-cho, Shima-shi, Mie 0603-412)
Parkingwill get


Public transportFrom Kintetsu "Ugata Station", take the bus bound for Goza Port or Echiga Junior High School for 20 minutes and get off at "Nakiri Elementary School" stop, then walk 5 minutes.
(I.e.From Ise Expressway "Ise Nishi IC" via National Routes 167 and 260, 35 km (about 60 minutes)


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Tenrei cherry blossoms (Kawazu cherry blossoms) Sakura Festival [Daijji Temple]

Tenrei cherry blossoms (Kawazu cherry blossoms) Sakura Festival [Daijji Temple]

The annual "Tenrei Sakura (Kawazu Sakura) Sakura Festival" will be held at Hydrangea Temple Daijiji Temple (Nakiri, Daio Town) for two days, March 2024nd (Saturday) and March 3rd (Sunday), 2.

There will also be atmospheric events such as an exhibition of Ichinoseki hari and vintage clothing, folk dancing, a matcha tea ceremony, and a cherry blossom cafe, so please invite your family and friends to join in.


DatesSaturday, March 2024, 3, Sunday, March 2, 3 3:10-00:15
entertainment・Exhibition / Ichinoseki Hari and vintage clothing exhibition
・Folk dance (dance) / 3rd only from 13:00
・Matcha seat / 10:00-15:00
・Sakura Cafe / Drinks, Sweets, Snacks
PlaceHydrangea Temple Daiji Temple
(517 Nakiri, Daio-cho, Shima-shi, Mie 0603-409)




Tenrei cherry blossoms (Kawazu cherry blossoms) Sakura Festival (flyer)

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Mystery solving game x Encounter Koisuru Quest@Shima

Mystery solving game x Encounter Koisuru Quest@Shima
On Saturday, January 2024, 1, the mystery-solving game x encounter event "Mystery-solving game x encounter Koisuru Quest @ Shima" will be held around Daiosaki Lighthouse.

Why not enjoy a puzzle-solving game around Daiosaki Lighthouse while spending time at the popular cafe "CAFE STOP BY JOE" with a panoramic view of the port?

Cooperation is the key to solving the mystery. Maybe it will be a fateful encounter...?

Matching will be held at the end, so please participate.

Date and Time(令和6年)2024年1月27日(土)13:30 ~ 16:00 ※ 受付 13:00~
VenueCAFE STOP BY JOE (private) & around Daiosaki Lighthouse
178 Nakiri, Daio-cho, Shima-shi, Mie
Target ageSingle people between the ages of 27 and 35 who wish to get married
Anyone who lives or works in Mie Prefecture, mainly the Nansei area, or is interested in meeting people in Mie Prefecture, is welcome!
CapacityUp to 20 people
* If there are many applications, it will be a lottery.
*The number of men and women will be adjusted to be equal.
Entry feeFree
SponsorshipMie Marriage Support Project Team [Nanse Area], Mie Prefecture, Mie Encounter Support Center
cooperation and cooperationJama Terrace General Incorporated Association, CAFE STOP BY JOE

■ Notes

  • Wearing a mask to prevent infectious diseases is a personal choice.
  • Disinfectants will be provided at the venue, so please feel free to use them.
  • At the discretion of the organizer, the event may be partially changed or canceled due to unavoidable circumstances.

How to apply (deadline: until January 1st)

Please access the QR code below and enter the required information to apply.

What is Mie Marriage Support Project?

In order to support prefectural residents who wish to get married, Mie Prefecture, together with municipalities, has set up project teams in three regions within the prefecture (Hokusei, Chusei, and Nansai) and is implementing initiatives tailored to the actual circumstances of each region.


Name of facilityAddressOpening hoursOpening dateContact
Mie Encounter Support CenterInside Delta Studio Co., Ltd., Tonarie Yokkaichi 1th floor, 3-31-4 Yasujima, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture10:00am ~ 18:00amIrregular holidays *Please check the website for opening dates https://www.deai-mie.jp/059-355-1322
Southern force
Mitas Isenai, 1-471-1 Funae, Ise City, Mie Prefecture (attached to the Ise Encounter Support Center)11:00am ~ 18:00amMonday · Tuesday0596-21-1522



Daiosaki Lighthouse

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[Reiwa 5] Daiosaki Lighthouse light up

[Reiwa 5] Daiosaki Lighthouse light up

Daiosaki Lighthouse will be illuminated again this year from New Year's Eve until January 1 next year.

The Anorisaki Lighthouse will also be illuminated (from December 12st to January 31st next year), so you can enjoy the fantastic sight of two of Shima's most representative lighthouses.together at your own home.


period(Reiwa 5) December 2023, 12 (Sun) - (Reiwa 31) January 6, 2024 (Wed)
Time5pm to 7am
PlaceDaiosaki Lighthouse (54 Nakiri, Daio-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture)


[Public transportation] About 20 minutes by bus bound for Goza Port from Kintetsu Ugata Station, get off at "Daiozaki Todai" and then walk 10 minutes.
[By car] Approximately 167 minutes from Daini Ise Road/Shiraki IC via National Routes 260 and 35.

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Movie “Whose Parent’s Money Belongs to the Legal Heir” Exhibition

Movie "Whose Parent's Money Belongs to the Legal Heir"

The movie ``Whose Parents' Money Belongs to: Legal Heirs'' is set in a family that runs a pearl farming business and depicts the problems of the ``adult guardianship system'' that must be faced in today's society with a declining birthrate and an aging population.
We will display scenes from the location shoot in Ise-Shima, scenario scripts, props, and props.


DatesThursday, December 14, 2020 - Monday, January 29, 2020 (29 days)
*Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays (open on public holidays), year-end and New Year holidays (December 28th to January 4th)
open time9:00 to 17:00 (last entry at 16:30), closing at 16:00 on the last day
PlaceShima City Painting Town Daio Art Gallery 2nd floor exhibition room
Reference HPhttps://www.city.shima.mie.jp/kakuka/gallery/index.html
SponsorshipShima city


■ Shima City Citizen Life Department Daio Branch

  • [TEL] 0599-72-4336
  • [FAX] 0599-72-4317
  • [e-mail] d-artgallery@city.shima.lg.jp

Map / Access

From Kintetsu "Ugata Station", take the Mie Kotsu bus bound for "Gozako" and get off at "Daio Shisho-mae" bus stop.


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Anori Saki and Daiosaki Lighthouses are lit up in orange!

Anorisaki and Daiosaki lighthouses illuminated in orange

During November, which is Child Abuse Prevention Promotion Month, symbols of cities across Japan will be painted in child abuse prevention colors.
The "Nippon Orange Symbol Campaign", which lights up in orange, will be held at 16 facilities in 103 prefectures nationwide.

In Shima City, Anorisaki Lighthouse will be lit on November 11st, and Daiosaki Lighthouse will be lit from November 1st to 11th.

Please come and think about child abuse once again.


DateNovember 11st (Anorisaki Lighthouse)
November 11st to 1th (Daiosaki Lighthouse)
Lighting time18: 00 ~
SponsorshipNakahiro Co., Ltd.


Let's make! Daiozaki town walking tour!

Daiozaki town walking tour

The event ``Daiozaki Town Walk Tour'' will be held on October 10th with the hope that all sightseeing visitors can spend a fulfilling time in Daiozaki!

We will also exchange opinions for the completion of the tour based on everyone's impressions and thoughts after walking through the town. Please feel free to share your valuable opinions as if you were a judge.

Also, on the day of this event, in conjunction with the lighthouse anniversary on November 11st, we will be holding a free tour of Daiozaki Lighthouse!
Please take this opportunity to visit Daiozaki.

Dates10/28 (Sat)
Time(Meeting) 10:00~ (Scheduled to disband) 14:00
PlaceDaiozaki sightseeing parking lot (meeting point)
Entry fee2000 yen (lunch included)
Capacity10 people
Belongings① [Smartphone]
⇒Please take lots of photos during the event to participate in the “Ise Shima Stamp Rally”!
②【Clothes that are easy to move in】
⇒ Daiozaki has many slopes and stairs. To prevent injury, please wear clothes that are easy to move in!
SponsorshipJama Terrace General Incorporated Association

Schedule of the day

10:00 Meet at “Daiozaki Kanko Parking Lot”

10:30 Start walking around town

⇒ A local guide will lead the way. We will visit the main sightseeing points while enjoying the "Ise-Shima Mystery Stamp Rally" which is currently being held.

12:00 Lunch break (cafe stop by joe)

⇒ We are offering a special lunch at "stop by joe" in Daiozaki. The fee is included in the participation fee.

13:00 Town walking tour opinion exchange meeting

⇒Based on my impressions after walking through the town, I would like to exchange opinions for the completion of the tour. After the event ends, we will give you a small gift as a thank you for your cooperation!

14:00 Scheduled to disband

How to book?


●[Instagram] DM this account (@jamaterrace

Please contact one of the following.


Waraji Festival 2023

Waraji Festival 2023

What is Waraji Festival?

This is a festival where legend has it that the villagers made a giant straw sandal the size of a tatami mat and showed it to the giant Dandaraboushi, who was destroying the village, to scare him away.
A ``warajihiki'' ritual is held in which local children act as young children, after which they are carried to the beach and floated out to sea to pray for safety at sea and a good catch.
There will also be a fireworks display at night along the way with mikoshi and dancers.
The Waraji Festival was recognized for its value as it is a rare festival nationwide and has an old tradition, and was designated as an intangible cultural property of Mie Prefecture on March 46, 3.

Dandaraboushi and large waraji

Once upon a time, a one-eyed, one-legged giant man called Dandaraboushi lived on Iyagashima Island (present-day Daiojima Island) and did mischief by summoning clouds and causing storms.
The troubled villagers asked Iya Gongen, the god of Nakiri, for help, devised a plan, and helped the villagers.
When Dandaraboushi came to ravage the village again, he found a beautiful girl knitting a waramushiro at his feet.
Dandaraboushi, who did not know that this girl was the incarnation of Waya Gongen, asked her, ``What is this waraji?''
The girl answered, ``These are straw sandals worn by the village head.''
When Dandaraboushi heard this, he was surprised and changed direction, saying, ``Is there someone stronger than me? I can't enter this village.''
However, this time, a large group of fishermen were busy mending their sardine nets that had been spread out all over the beach, and there were several baskets as long as 2 meters nearby.
In fact, these fishermen were also messengers of Wei Ya Gongen, but Dandaraboushi, who did not know this, asked the fishermen the same question he had asked his daughter, and the fisherman replied, ``This (sardine net) is the village owner's loincloth. , that (basket) is a bento box.''
When Dandaraboushi heard this, he was startled twice and ran away as fast as he could.The sea eventually subsided, and days of great fishing continued.

Waraji Festival event schedule

9/9 (Sat)

8: 00 ~Waraji-zukuri (Daio Community Center)


10: 00 ~Waraji Hikiri ritual (Nakiri Shrine)

9th February (Friday)

13: 00 ~Sumo Tournament (Daio Elementary School Sumo Hall)

9/16 (Sat)

9: 45 ~Mikoshi (scheduled to depart in front of Jukendojo)
10: 00 ~Dancer's Journey (departing from Nakiri Community Center)
Takarafune (departs from Nakiri Community Center)
Sea kayak (Nakiri fishing port)
12: 00 ~Warajimikoshi (event venue)
Bonito pole and line fishing experience (Nakiri fishing port)
13: 00 ~Fish catching (inside the fish market)
17: 30 ~Waraji Festival Entertainment Tournament (event venue)
20: 00 ~Dedicatory fireworks display (Nakiri fishing port)

Please invite your family, friends, company employees, and other related parties to come and join us.
Event details are subject to change due to weather and other circumstances.
Additionally, in the event of bad weather, events with a rating of 3 or below will be postponed to the 17th (Sunday).


titleWaraji Festival
DateSeptember 9th (Sat) - September 16th (Sat)
VenueAround Nakiri
How to readWaraji Matsuri Waraji Festival

Access – Traffic regulation implementation map for the Waraji Festival

Local government members

As we enter the new autumn season, I hope you are all in good health.
By the way, on the day of the Waraji Festival, which will take place on Saturday, September 1th, the following traffic restrictions will be implemented, so we ask for your cooperation.
*In case of rain: 7th (Sun)

  • Please use the Nakiri fishing port parking lot for parking.
  • The roads in the town are narrow, so please avoid parking on the street.
  • We ask for your cooperation in temporarily restricting vehicle traffic as follows.
    • Odoriko Dochu, Treasure Ship, and Mikoshi Passage Area
    • Waraji Nagashi (3:30pm to 4:00pm) between Motobu-mae and tourist parking lot

Traffic regulation implementation map accompanying the Waraji Festival

Access - Traffic regulation implementation map for the Waraji Festival


Waraji Festival 2023 poster front
Waraji Festival 2023 poster back side