2-day nature experience program to learn in nature [Shima Auto Camp]

2-day nature experience program to learn in nature [Shima Auto Camp]

【第1回】2024年3月23日(土)~24日(日)・【第2回】3月30日(土)~31日(日)、志摩オートキャンプ場(志摩市志摩町越賀)にて小学生~中学生を対象とした自然体験イベント『自然の中で学ぶ 2日間自然体験プログラム』が開催されます。

A nature experience program where children search together for the seeds of curiosity such as “why?” and “why?” beyond the “fun” of spending time in nature.

This program is a hands-on nature learning program that allows children to explore together with their children the seeds of curiosity that go beyond the ``fun'' of spending time in nature, asking ``why?''. Let's explore the joy of learning and the seeds of curiosity through outdoor activities with NELCrew (a student venture that provides programs that foster curiosity and inquisitiveness through outdoor nature experiences). !


Date[1st] March 2024rd (Sat) - 3th (Sun), 23
[2st] March 2024rd (Sat) - 3th (Sun), 30
TargetElementary school to junior high school students (parents can observe activities nearby)
The number of participantsUp to 20 people on a first-come, first-served basis
Entry feeThis time, the monitor price is 9,800 yen.
PlaceShima Auto Camp Ground
(517 Koshiga, Shima-cho, Shima-shi, Mie 0704-XNUMX)
Planning, management, and hostingGeneral social corporation NELCrew
*Lodging is possible at Shima Auto Campground, but it is not required. It is also possible to commute.


【1 Days】

Meeting 12:30

1st period Let's learn about the wonders of the sea Kayak experience 13:30-15:30

Japan is surrounded by the ocean, and we have lived together with it. But how much do you know about the ocean? Experience the ocean and learn about the ocean and how to play safely in the ocean through the experience of kayaking by yourself!

1st Period: Learn about the wonders of the sea Kayaking experience

2nd period Let's learn the wonders of fire: Fire making, bonfire experience, outdoor cooking 16:30-18:30

2nd Period: Learn the wonders of fire: Fire making, bonfire experience, outdoor cooking

How can I successfully light a fire? What are the differences in flammability depending on the type and size of the tree and how the firewood is assembled? Try outdoor cooking with your own fire! Through these, learn how to survive in an emergency!

3rd period Let's learn the mysteries of the starry sky Starry sky observation/night workshop 19:30-20:30

Let's experience the value of light in the pitch-black night world. And experience the world of starry skies that you don't usually see! Learn about the history of the universe and the Earth, the wonders of starlight, and navigation using stars! Let's investigate things that you've always wondered about with your university students!

3rd period Let's learn the mysteries of the starry sky Starry sky observation/night workshop

【2 Days】

4th period Let's learn the mysteries of sea creatures Crabs, fish, dolphins, and whales 9:00-10:00

4th period Let's learn the mysteries of sea creatures: crabs, fish, dolphins, and whales

How do creatures survive in the sea? How do dolphins and whales travel around the world? What kind of research are you doing at university? Let's learn about various aspects of sea creatures!

5th period Let's learn about the future of the ocean! About ocean changes and environments happening around the world 10:30-11:30

Let's learn about a future where we can no longer catch fish, seaweed disappearing off the coast of Japan, marine plastic issues, ocean changes happening around the world, and environmental issues, and think about what we should do from now on with university students!

5th period Let's learn about the future of the ocean! About ocean changes and environments that are happening around the world

Dissolution 12:00

Schedule summary

【1 Days】

1st period: Learn about the wonders of the sea13:30~15:30
2nd Period: Learn the Mysteries of Fire16:30~18:30
3rd Period: Let's learn about the mysteries of the starry sky19:30~20:30

【2 Days】

4th Period: Learn the wonders of sea creatures9:00~10:00
5th period Let's learn about the future of the ocean10:30~11:30




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Fieldwork on monuments and scenery

Fieldwork on monuments and scenery

While listening to Mr. Taki, a ``Shima no Kuni Guide'' who works as a volunteer guide, we will hold fieldwork where you can enjoy the history and charm of the area as passed down through poem monuments and haiku monuments.
Why not rediscover the wonders of Shima that you can actually see and feel while taking a walk?

*This event is being held as a collaboration project with Shima City.


Katada district fieldwork

Time & DateSaturday, February 2th from 17am
The meeting placeKatada fishing port
Prices500 yen per person each time (insurance fee, etc.)
Capacity10 people *Reception will end as soon as capacity is reached

● Matoya district fieldwork

Time & DateSunday, March 3th from 10am
The meeting placeOld Matoya bus stop
Prices500 yen per person each time (insurance fee, etc.)
Capacity10 people *Reception will end as soon as capacity is reached


Shima Country Guide Taki


Katada fishing port

Old Matoya bus stop

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[Tsumekiri Fudoson] Bamboo lanterns and bamboo lights lit on New Year's Eve

Bamboo lanterns and bamboo lights lit on New Year's Eve [Tsumekiri Fudoson]

On New Year's Eve, December 12st, ``Bamboo lanterns and bamboo lights lit on New Year's Eve'' will be held at Tsumekiri Fudoson in Shimacho Goza.

It will be illuminated with 250 bamboo lanterns, 20 bamboo lights, and 50 candles, allowing you to enjoy the space created by the grounds of Tsumekiri Fudoson and the lush trees.

At the end of 2023, please visit Tsumekiri Fudoson with your family and friends.


Time & DateDecember 2023, 5 (Reiwa 12) 31:16-30:22
PlaceNaegiri Fudoson (Shimacho Goza, Shima City, Mie Prefecture)


travel niche

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“Shimashima Asobi” “Ise Shima Molook Cup 2023” (Mazaki Island)

“Shimashima Asobi” “Molook Cup 2023” (Mazaki Island event)

This Saturday, the 18th, "Shimashima Asobi" and "Ise Shima Molook Cup 2023" will be held on Masaki Island, a remote island in Wagu, Shima Town.

``Shimashima Asobi'' will feature many attractive booths, including restaurants, workshops, and children's recreation.

"Ise Shima Molook Cup 2023", Shima City's first Molook event, is sure to feature heated battles including league matches and championship matches! Even if you have never seen a competition before, or have been interested in it for a while, why not take this opportunity to watch it?

ladies and gentlemenAfter the invitation,Please feel free to join us.

Shimashima play

Time10:00-15:00 *In case of rain Sunday, November 11th
MessageMany restaurants, workshops, children's recreation, etc.

Ise Shima Molook Cup 2023

Schedule11:00~ [Reception starts]
11:20~ [Opening Ceremony/Rules]
11:30~ [Match start (league match)]
14:00 ~ [Championship match]
*In case of rain 11/19 (Sun)

Traffic access

Take the Ago Bay regular boat (Shima Marine Leisure) from Kashishima Port (2 minutes walk from Kintetsu Kashijima Station) to Masaki Island (about 10 minutes)


Shimashima play (flyer)

“Japanese Gubon festival 2023”

“Japanese Gubon festival 2023”

"Wagu Bon Festival 2023" will be held at Wagu Fishing Port from August 2023th to 8th, 13. The first part will be a cosplay costume contest starting at 15:1, and the second part will be a Bon Odori festival starting at 16:00. Events include Bon dances, cosplay, goldfish scooping, yo-yo fishing, costume contests, and night stalls. The event is sponsored by the Wagu Bon Festival Executive Committee, and co-sponsored by the Wagu Youth Association and the Shima Branch of the Shima City Chamber of Commerce and Industry. You can participate in the Bon Odori normally, and it will be held at the festival plaza in Wagu, Shima-cho, Shima City, and will be held from 2:19 to 00:19 (free breaks).


cosplay costume contest16: 00 ~
Bon dance festival19: 00 ~


Participation is free and anyone can participate.
Awards are also available, including gold awards for groups and individuals.
For inquiries, please contact Takeshi Oyama of PureHeart or
This can be done from the application form.


title“Japanese Gubon festival 2023”
Date8 / 13 (days) ~ 8/15 (Tue)
Due to the typhoon, the event will be canceled on the 14th and 15th.
VenueAround Shima Town Wagu Fishing Port
How to readWagbondori Festival 2023
Wagubon Festival 2023
Wagu bon dori festival 2023


“Wagubon festival 2023” poster (Part XNUMX)
“Wagubon festival 2023” poster (Part XNUMX)

Tide Festival

Tide Festival

Shiokake Festival 2023: 800 years of history

After the ritual to pray for safety at sea and a big catch, the ``Shiokake Festival'' is held, which is known as a strange festival where boats and people splash seawater on each other.
Mikoshi shrines, drums, night stalls, and music stages are held from the morning, creating a festive atmosphere (previously).
This year's Shiokake Festival will be held on July 7th and boasts a history of 18 years.
This festival celebrates the annual return of Ichikishima Hime, the goddess who protects the safety of the sea, from Yakumo Shrine in Wagu to the shrine on Oshima, about 2,5 km off the coast of Wagu. It's a festival. A boat carrying the sacred object (mando boat) and a local fishing boat accompany the fishermen as they travel to Oshima.(I.e.At the shrine, fishermen and divers offer locally caught seafood to the shrine, and a ritual is held to pray for safety at sea and a bountiful catch. Afterwards, when all the boats return to Wagu fishing port, the tide begins to flow from the boats toward each other's boats, and the festival reaches its climax. The tide sometimes hits visitors on land, but there is a legend that if you bathe in the tide, you won't catch a cold. At night, there will be stage events, night stalls, and a grand fireworks display at the end.

DateApril 5, 7rd year of Reiwa (Tuesday)
Place〒517-0703 Shimacho Wagu, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
How to readShiokake Festival Shiokake Matsuri Shiokake Festival Shiokake Matsuri

17th: Eve festival

Shiokake Summer Night Festival 2023
17:00~ Night stalls and various events

Mie Nagayama


Mie Nagayama

Born in Toba City.
In the middle of love on April 2018, 4
~Ranpo's love song Debuted on a snowy night.

Eve festival stage event

DJ k-trys cake nagashi

YAHAGI [Street performance (throwing coins)]
Shinta Shima

18:30 ~ Smoke fog - Prayers for good health -

18th: Tide, fireworks, fireworks display

Tide fishing will begin at 7:18 a.m. on Tuesday, July 11th at Oshima's Wagu Fishing Port (scheduled).

Shima Soran Dance/

Dance offering, Mando boat, congratulatory mikoshi
YAHAGI [Busking (throwing coins)] etc.

Mochi-throwing held

Wagu Kinkai Bonito and Tuna Boat Owners Association


Oguchi calligraphy school.

16:00~ Soccer experience corner

Director Takashi Ogura [from Suzuka City]
No. 4 MF Tani Roca [from Kihoku Town]
No. 14 FW Nishiro Ryojo [from Ise City] Total of 25 people in attendance

18:00~ Stage event

Toyonari Yamazaki

enka singer

Toyonari Yamazaki

Born in Shima City. She has released numerous singles and albums, produced songs for local idols, and provided songs for many artists.

Takumi Oshima

MC & singer

Takumi Oshima

Born in Shima Town. After working as a personality on KBS KBS Kyoto AM Broadcasting and FM Broadcasting, he is active in various fields.

20:45~ Shiokake Festival Fireworks Display

Recruiting night stall owners!

Person in charge of duty(I.e.

Access to the Shiokake Festival

Access by bus

Take the 60 Goza line from Ugata Station and get off at Wagu bus stop. From there, a 6-minute walk will take you to Wagu Fishing Port, where the Shiokake Festival is held.

Access by boat

Board Shima Marine Leisure's Ago Bay liner from Kashishima Port, pass through Masaki Island, and disembark at Wagu Port. You can access the venue, Wagu Fishing Port, in about 20 minutes on foot.

Access by car

Proceed along National Route 260 and turn left towards Wagu just before Shima Ohashi Bridge (Pearl Bridge). Continue straight and turn right at the second traffic light. Follow the road for about 4km, and when you see the road sign that says "Wagu Fishing Port," turn left and use the parking lot next to the venue (free of charge).


Boats gather on Oshima.
Tide Festival

(I.e.ships gathering at

Oshima Shrine
Tide Festival


A ritual to pray for safety at sea and a big catch.
Tide Festival

A ritual to pray for safety at sea and a big catch.

Tide Festival


water fight begins
Tide Festival

battle of the tides

Water battle between ships
Tide Festival

Tide scene

Tide Festival

A stall

Tide Festival



[Poster] Shiokake Festival 2023

Sea ritual lecture

Sea ritual lecture

What is the sea ritual in Shima City?

In the areas of Shima City where Ama fishing is popular, the ``Ishikyo'' ritual has been practiced since ancient times, in which stones with scriptures written on them are lowered into the sea as a ritual to pray for mariners and fish lost on the sea, as well as to pray for safe voyages and bountiful catches. There is a custom.
We will talk about the messages left by our predecessors from examples from Shima City, including the Kumanonada coast.

In Shima City, the custom of Ishikyo can be seen in fishing villages such as Koka, Shijima, Nakiri, and Wagu, and it is still passed down as a custom to pray for a rich catch and to offer memorial services to mariners and fish.
We will tell you about its origin and historical background through this performance.

sea ​​ritual
Stone classic

Introducing the instructor

Special Researcher, Research Institute for Japanese Folk Culture, Kanagawa University

Dr. Yuki Onodera

Completed doctoral course at Kanagawa University Graduate School of History and Folklore Studies.
Ph.D. (Historical and Folklore Materials) Researched the livelihood and folk beliefs of fishing villages across the country.
Specializes in folklore (Buddhist folklore, fishing customs)


PlaceShima Cultural Center 535 Wagu, Shimacho
DateSaturday, July 7th
Time13: 30-15: 30 (Open 13:00)
lecturerYuki Onodera


If you wish to participate, please apply in advance by phone or fax.

Application period~ 7 month 25 day
Where to applyShima Country/Guide Taki
TEL / FAX0599-72-5511
Mobile phone090-3466-7512

"Shima Country Guide" is recruiting volunteer guides for Shima City.
``Activities such as volunteer guides related to Shima City tourism'' are carried out as a collaborative project with Shima City.


sea ​​ritual

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Mie Gourmet Fair : Okushima Aqua Forest

At Miyako Resort Okushima Aqua Forest's dinner buffet, in addition to the usual 40 types of dishes, we will be holding a ``Mie Prefecture Gourmet Fair'' that uses Mie's rich bounty luxuriously.

The Mie Prefecture Gourmet Fair features hotpots made with yellowtail from Mie Prefecture, which becomes fatter and more flavorful from fall to winter, pork from Mie Prefecture, which is perfect for the upcoming season, and chawanmushi made with white fish and hijiki from Mie Prefecture. We have prepared dishes that will make you feel warm during the cold season. Please enjoy a variety of menus that luxuriously use Mie's rich blessings.

Special product

sea ​​bream
sliced ​​raw fish

Mie Prefecture Gourmet Fair
sea ​​bream
sliced ​​raw fish

sliced ​​raw fish

Mie Prefecture Gourmet Fair
sliced ​​raw fish

pork and vegetables
Jjigae soup

pork and vegetables
Jjigae soup

Ise Shima
Hijiki rice

Ise Shima
Hijiki rice

chicken breast
Miso grilled

chicken breast
Miso grilled

Sea lettuce, onion, carrot
Kakiage Ise tea salt

Sea lettuce, onion, carrot
Kakiage Ise tea salt

Aosa konnyaku
western style sauce

Aosa konnyaku
western style sauce

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Ugata Station Festa

Ugata Station Festa

This "Ugata Ekimae Festa" will be held from 1:22 to 11:18 on Sunday, January XNUMXnd under the slogan "Let's do our best! Shopping Street" advocated by the Shima Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This event is held in the area around the station.

The festival usually includes a variety of activities and events, including food fairs, games, and performances. Sample delicious local food, try traditional games and activities, and enjoy Shima-branded items.

In addition to food and entertainment, it is also a good opportunity to learn about Shima's history and culture. Participate in traditional Japanese craft workshops, play a grand raffle, and even learn about local history and landmarks.

The Ugata Ekimae Festa is a must-see event for those who want to experience Shima's local culture and traditions, and is a great opportunity to stroll around Ugata Station.

There is no parking lot. Please use public transportation or walk to the venue.

``Three areas'' for fun

1. Marche area

Ugata Children's Park

Ugata Children's Park

local shops
Sales booth
Large lottery

2. Bar area

Oya taxi site

Oya taxi site

local shops

3.Special product area

Ugata station rotary

Ugata station rotary

local specialties
Shima brand products are available!!

Ugata Station Festa Night Event

Illuminations will be turned on (station rotary) from 17:00 p.m.

Special product lottery

For this lottery, visitors who spend 500 yen or more on meals or shopping at each store within the venue will receive a lottery ticket at each store.
Each lottery ticket can be drawn once at the lottery venue in the Marche area.

1st prize Ise shrimp (2)

Ise Shima Frozen

2nd prize, pearl oyster (Akoya oyster) scallop

Ise Shima Frozen

3rd prize target arrow oyster (15 pieces)

Sato fish farm

4th prize Juko (rice)

Provided by JA Ise

5th prize Nanhari melon

Melon House Kawaguchi

6th prize Kinko

Sweet Potato House Kirara

7th prize Red Pearl (Strawberry)

Provided by JA Ise

8th class Aosa

Kaneu Foods

9th Prize Shima City Novelty

Provided by Shima City

We are holding a large lottery with lots of special products from Shima City!
Everyone is welcome to come, shop at the venue, and enter the raffle!
Please note that this raffle is open to the first 500 people!

- Totals for each store are not applicable.
・Please refrain from receiving multiple lottery tickets by splitting your payments at one store.
・The contents of the lottery may change without prior notice.

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JA Ise Nagasawa Farm Strawberry picking experience

Strawberry picking experience

Strawberry picking experience:
The variety is either "Red Pearl", a specialty of Shima City, or "Kaorino", grown in Mie Prefecture.
You can enjoy picking. *45 minutes all-you-can-eat (reservation required by phone)
It is a spacious space that is barrier-free and can be easily accessed by wheelchairs and strollers.
Souvenir strawberries available (sold separately). Please confirm at time of reservation.

Information on strawberry picking experience

DateThursday, January 2024, 1 - Early May 5
VenueJA Ise Nagasawa Farm
Address517-0502 Shinmei, Agocho, Shima City, 1605-2
Phone0599-46-0046 (JA Ise Nagasawa Farm)
Opening hours9:00~16:00
*Last admission is until 15:00.
HolidayEvery Tuesday
*Closed if there are no strawberries available
by public transport
About 10 minutes by bus from Kintetsu Ugata Station
Access by carIse Expressway: Approximately 50 minutes from Ise Nishi IC
ParkingParking available (30 cars)

Price of strawberry picking experience

4 month
<span>Grade 1-2</span> 2,0001,9001,700
An infant
(3 years old or older)
Less than 3 ageFree

About the experience

■ Variety: Red Pearl
The eggs are large and have a good balance of flavor.
A variety with distinctive red flesh.

Variety: Kaorino (A fragrant variety born in Mie Prefecture.)

■All-you-can-eat for 45 minutes!
■Groups can accommodate up to 90 people.
■ You may not be able to select the product type.
■The time you can make a reservation is
9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 の7枠からご指定ください。
■ Fully equipped with parking lot, restrooms, and wheelchair lanes. No smoking on the premises.
■ Souvenirs are sold separately, so please inquire at the time of reservation.
■ Closed every Tuesday if there are no strawberries.
■Depending on the situation of infectious diseases, etc., the park may be closed or you may be refused entry.


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Shima Road Party Half Marathon 2023: Scheduled for April 4th

Shima Road Party Half Marathon 2023

 The Shima Road Party 2023 Executive Committee has decided to hold the "Shima Road Party Half Marathon 2023" on April 4, 16.

 This is the first time in four years since the "Shima Road Party Half Marathon 2019" was held before the spread of the new coronavirus, and the first time since the beginning of the Reiwa era.

 Due to efforts to prevent infection and various domestic and international situations, some of the events will be scaled back, but we hope that you will be able to experience Shima's rich nature with your whole body, and fulfill the tournament's philosophy of ``Come to Shima! The organizers and the entire community are working together to prepare for a tournament that will bring smiles to people's faces.

 Whether you are a regular participant or have never ridden Shimaji before, please come to Shima. Entries start at 2022am on November 11, 28. We look forward to welcoming everyone.

Shima Road Party 2023 Executive Committee

What is Shima Road Party?

What is Shima Road Party?

Shima Road Party's main event is a half marathon that takes in the charms of Shima, including its countryside, seaside, and hills.
– A 10km course with a roller coaster-like slope
– Parque Junior Run for children (approximately 3km)
– Parque party run where you can enjoy running and costumes are welcome
– Barrier-free party run where even people with physical disabilities can experience the joy of sports
– “Feast Walk” to enjoy the scenery and food of Shima
– Variety of events

Please come to Shima, a city that excites the soul and makes everyone want to move their bodies!


Starting with the 2019 event, the course for the main event, the half marathon, will be changed in the opposite direction. It was a 10km round trip course on Pearl Road with many ups and downs. We will also be holding a Parque Party Run where costumes are welcome and you can enjoy running, as well as a Barrier-Free Party Run where people with physical disabilities can enjoy the fun of sports for a while.

Half marathon

Half marathon (21.0975km)
(orange line)

Participation fee6,000 yen
Recruitment capacity4,000
*Includes 10km
Start ~ Goal
(Time limit)
11: 00-14: 00 (180 minutes)
*We will set up a barrier with a time limit.
1st barrier = 7.0km point 12:05
2nd barrier = 11.9km point 12:50
3nd barrier = 19.6km point 13:50

(black line)

Participation fee5,000 yen
Recruitment capacity4,000
*In conjunction with the half marathon
Start ~ Goal
(Time limit)
10: 50-12: 20 (90 minutes)

Some courses for both the half marathon and 2019km have been revised from the XNUMX race. It is a more challenging course with different heights, and is designed with a focus on Shima's seaside view.
Net time measurement (time from passing the start line) will be implemented for both events starting this year.
In a half marathon, there are time-limited hurdles.
The barrier-free party run will be about a 2km course that loops back around Matoya Bay Bridge.

parque party run

parque party run (about 3km)

Participation feeElementary school student 2,000 yen
Junior high school students and older 3,000 yen
Recruitment capacity2,000
Start ~ Goal
(Time limit)
13: 30-14: 30 (60 minutes)

Parque Partiran has set up a course that goes around Pasque España, Shima Spain Village, so that you can fully enjoy the exotic atmosphere of Shima Spain Village.
The whole family, from adults to children, can participate in this category where you can run while enjoying the atmosphere of Shima Spain Village. Participation in costume is also OK.

About applying for Shima Road Party



When you click the "Apply from RUNNET" button on the right, the entry entrance screen will be displayed.
When the entry start date and time arrives, a blue "Entry" button will be displayed to the right of "Event date" on the entry entrance screen, and you will be able to apply.

  • Application fee: 4000 yen for participation fees up to 220 yen, 4001% of participation fees for 5.5 yen or more (tax included)
  • You cannot apply for the "Barrier-Free Party Run" through RUNNET.
  • RUNNET membership registration (free) is required for entry.
  • If you are already a RUNNET member, there is no need to register.
  • Please check if there are any changes to registered information such as address by changing member information.



Click the "Apply from Joyspo!!" button below to display the tournament summary screen.

During the entry period, an "Entry" button will be displayed at the top right of the screen, allowing you to apply.

  • Application fee: 5000 yen for participation fees up to 210 yen, 5001% of participation fees for 5 yen or more (tax included)
  • To enter, you need to register as a member of Joyspo!! (free of charge).
  • If you are already a Joyspo!! member, you do not need to register.
  • Please check "Confirm member information" on My Page to see if there are any changes to your registered information, such as your address.

Applications are due by March 3th.

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