Special feature on relaxing cafes in Shima

The entire city is included in Ise-Shima National Park, and there are many cafes in Shima City, which is popular as a tourist destination rich in nature. There are many attractive places such as shops that focus on local ingredients, shops with stylish interiors, and shops with good locations, and you will want to come back again and again. This time, we will introduce recommended cafes that you should stop by when sightseeing in Shima City.

Shima City, which faces the wide ocean and is blessed with seafood, was once called the "Land of Food," and when you think of Shima City, you probably think of seafood. Shima City has gourmet spots that will satisfy your stomach and soul, such as sea gourmet food made with fresh seafood unique to Shima City and carefully selected coffee. Be sure to visit this charming cafe to take a break from your trip.

"Melon House Kawaguchi": You can eat melons all year round

``Melon House Kawaguchi'', which opened in 2016, is a melon specialty cafe directly managed by Kawaguchi Farm, which grows ``Nanbari melon'', a specialty of Hamajima-cho, Shima City. The shop is a log house-style building next to a rice field lined with greenhouses where melons are grown, and the Nanhari melons grown at Kawaguchi Farm were also served for lunch at the Ise-Shima Summit. All menu items use freshly harvested Nanhari melons, making them irresistible for melon lovers. There are wooden table seats inside the store, and terrace seats outside with a nice view and a peaceful atmosphere.

Recommended points/menu/access

One of the recommended menu items is the ``Melon Juice,'' which comes with freshly cut melon and has a refreshing sweetness that can only be found in fresh melon. We also recommend the ``Melon Parfait,'' which is a must-try for melon lovers who can enjoy soft serve ice cream and melon. Other menu items include melon sorbet, melon soft serve, fresh melon bread, and melon, making this cafe a paradise for melon lovers. We also sell cultivated melons directly in the store, so you can enjoy Nanhari melons at home.

・Raw melon juice 800 yen

〈Other recommended menus〉
・Cut melon 1/8 400 yen
・Melon parfait 700 yen
・Raw melon bread 400 yen
・Melon sherbet 400 yen etc.


Address499-13 Minamibari, Hamajima-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
Opening hours10:00~16:00
Closing daysMonday to Friday

"STOP BY JOE": A cafe with a calm atmosphere of wood and leather

"STOP BY JOE" is a cafe located right near the Daiozaki Lighthouse, one of the tourist attractions in Shima City. "STOP BY" used in the store name means "stop by" and JOE means "coffee". is what it means. We are particular about using locally sourced ingredients, including fish and Ise chicken caught at Nakiri fishing port. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the fishing port from the interior, which is entirely made of glass. The store, which was a closed pearl store and has been stylishly renovated, is decorated with works made from raft wood and plastic bottles.

Recommended points/menu/access

Recommended menu items are the Bonito Meat Pasta, which uses plenty of bonito in JOE's original sauce, and the Today's Burger (comes with fries), which uses fish caught at Nakiri Fishing Port, and is full of volume with plenty of toppings. Various burgers can be topped with cheese for an additional fee. We also recommend the richly flavored butter chicken curry made with Ise chicken. We also have a wide selection of sweets, including canelés, scones, and muffins, all of which are handmade and baked in-house. The restaurant is open until 17:4 pm, but evening visits are also possible with reservations for XNUMX or more people.

・Today's burger (with fries) 1,000 yen
・Bonito meat pasta 1,000 yen

〈Other recommended menus〉
・Butter chicken curry 900 yen
・Spicy chicken curry 900 yen
・Pork soup set 500 yen etc.


Address178 Daiōchō Nakiri, Shima, Mie XNUMX-XNUMX
Opening hours8:00-17:00 *If business hours change, we will notify you on Instagram
Closing daysUnregular holidays

"Medellin Coffee Shop": Original "Shima Blend" coffee is the most popular

Medellin Coffee Shop is a coffee shop located in Ugata, Ago-cho, Shima City. The store's name, Medellin, is the name of a place in Colombia, where the Medellin variety of coffee beans, which have an excellent richness and aroma, can be grown. Medellin Coffee Shop wants to cherish the aroma and flavor of coffee, so we are particular about high-quality roasting using an open-fire oven method, which is time-consuming and difficult to adjust the heat. The coffee is mellow and has a low acidity, making it easy to drink even for people who don't like coffee.

Recommended points/menu/access

Shima Blend, the most popular product, is an original coffee blend made by mixing coffee beans from different regions carefully selected by the owner. The sourness and bitterness are modest, making it a recommended dish for those who don't like black. ``Zenzai Coffee,'' which uses red bean paste and arare instead of sugar, was created by the previous owner, and although it is an unusual combination, it is based on the Shima custom of ``adding arare to zenzai.'' The store sells various types of coffee powder, coffee beans, and gift sets, which are also recommended as souvenirs for sightseeing in Shima.

・Shima blend 450 yen

〈Other recommended menus〉
・Today's coffee 450 yen
・Medellin blend 450 yen
・Gateau chocolate 450 yen
・Coffee shop cheese terrine 500 yen, etc.


Address4947 Ugata, Ago-cho, Shima-shi, Mie Prefecture
Opening hours9:00~18:00
Closing daysTuesdays

"Kinko Imo Kobo Ueda Shoten": Sweets made from Shima's specialty kinkgo potatoes

``Kinko Imo Kobo Ueda Shoten'' is a cafe with a view of the lighthouse, which is rare in Japan and is located in the rest house of Anorizaki Lighthouse Park, which is also designated as Ise-Shima National Park. The dried sweet potato ``Kinko'', which is the name of the restaurant and has a texture and sweetness similar to Japanese sweets, is a nutritious specialty of Shima City that has been loved by Ama divers for a long time.
We handle everything from production to sales in-house, and we actively participate in events held at department stores in urban areas in order to spread the word about ``Kinko'' throughout the country.
By developing sweets and opening a cafe, we are also developing new menus to appeal to young people, and over the past three years we have been developing ``Ginkgo Imo'' using Beniharuka.

Recommended points/menu/access

A popular menu item is the ``Premium Parfait,'' which is an assortment of delicious mushrooms. The recommended menu includes toppings such as ``Rich Hokkaido Soft Soft'', ``Imomitsu'', ``Kintoki Imo Chips'', ``Dried Sweet Potato Chocolate'', and ``Ginkgo Sweet Potato Azamo Monaka''.
“Imomitsu Mousse Pudding”, which is ranked in the order ranking, is also popular both in stores and online.
The food menu includes a ``homemade curry plate with sweet potato rice,'' so please choose according to your preference.
Relax in a seat by the window with a panoramic view of the lighthouse and the ocean.
There are also plenty of souvenirs such as ``Ginkgo Sweet Potato Azamonaka'' and ``Imo Chips.''

・Kinkoimo premium parfait 1,090 yen

〈Other recommended menus〉
・Homemade curry plate with sweet potato rice Single item 1,290 yen Drink A set 1,750 yen Drink B set 1,800 yen
- Sweet potato mousse pudding (plain) 400 yen
・Kintoki potato chips 540 yen


Address794-1 Anori, Ago-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
Anorizaki Lighthouse Park Rest House
Opening hours10: 00-16: 00 (weekdays)
9:30-16:00 (Saturday and Sunday)
Closing daysopen every day of the year

"Mirador Shima": A cafe where you can relax and enjoy the view

"Mirador Shima" is a cafe attached to Yokoyama Observatory that opened in August 2018. We offer seasonal food menus and drinks made with Ise-Shima ingredients in take-out format. The first floor is a rest space and cafe, and the second floor is an observation space where you can enjoy your meal while admiring the spectacular view of Ago Bay from an even higher place. The cafe has a well-ventilated open terrace with a great sense of openness, making it an exceptional time to relax while looking out at the spectacular view.

Recommended points/menu/access

A popular menu item is Yokoyama Tenku Sandwich. We use a generous amount of Shima Aosa Pork (pig raised eating Aosa, a specialty of Shima), which is certified by the Shima brand, and the meat from Shima Aosa Pork is more nutritious than regular pork. It is characterized by its soft texture. The sweet miso seasoning is also a perfect match, and the coppépan with which the ingredients are sandwiched is also kneaded with aao. There are many other menu items using local ingredients, and the cafe is full of the charm that is unique to Shima.

・Yokoyama Tenku Sandwich (using Shima Aosa Pork) 500 yen

〈Other recommended menus〉
・Shima soft serve ice cream (original made with ingredients from Ise-Shima) 400 yen
・Katsuo Burger (local burger) 500 yen *Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only
・Ise roasted green tea iced latte 500 yen
・Shima Aosa donut (Shima Mediterranean Village original) 250 yen
・Vinegar drinks (grape & berry vinegar, apple & mango vinegar) 400 yen each


Address875-20 Ugata, Ago-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
Opening hours9:00~16:30
Closing daysopen every day of the year

"Cafe.C.C": A cafe that is great for families with children

"Cafe.C.C" is a cafe with a distinctive round window located along Prefectural Route 260. You can enjoy different menus depending on the season, such as monthly lunch menus and seasonal menus. This hidden cafe, loved by locals, is a place for regular customers to relax, and there is a children's menu so that it is easy for people with children to visit, and there is also a children's space inside the store. We also accept private use of the store for birthday parties, meetings, etc., depending on your budget and wishes.

Recommended points/menu/access

Sweet and Spicy Karaage, one of the August lunch menus, is a set meal that mainly consists of fried chicken seasoned with spicy sauce and comes with miso soup, rice, and salad (drinks are also included, and you can choose from several types. ). Blended coffee is also one of the recommended menu items, and each cup is carefully brewed after receiving your order and has the finest aroma and taste. You can also choose from a rich menu of sweets such as summer-only fluffy ice (strawberry, coffee, chocolate) and cheese terrine.

・Monthly lunch with drink 1,100 yen

〈Other recommended menus〉
・Eggplant and bacon tomato sauce 700 yen
・Mushroom cream sauce pasta 700 yen
・Children's lunch (for children under elementary school age) 500 yen
・Blend coffee (HOT/ICE) 400 yen


Address3179-1 Nakiri, Daio-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
Opening hoursfrom 8:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m.
8:00-11:00 (Sunday)
Closing daysMonday

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