Shima at home - Let's eat delicious Shima ingredients! ~

Shima, which is rich in nature, is home to many delicious ingredients that are famous nationwide, such as spiny lobster, Matoya oysters, and sea lettuce. In this special feature, we will introduce Shima ingredients that are easy to prepare and delicious at home!

Breakfast edition

Although we tend to take it easy, breakfast is very important as it is the start of the day. Dishes made with fresh seafood from Ise-Shima, such as hijiki rice and miso soup with seaweed, are both delicious and healthy, making them recommended for breakfast. Start your day off right with a breakfast made with delicious ingredients from Ise-Shima.

Fresh seafood from Ise-Shima that is delicious even raw!

Ise-Shima has long been famous for producing Aosa and Hijiki, and the Aosa and Hijiki produced in Ise-Shima are delicious and very popular all over the country! Fresh fish is delicious when eaten as is, but drying it concentrates the flavor and allows you to enjoy a different flavor from raw fish.

Hijiki rice

Rice sprinkled with Ise-Shima hijiki, which has a concentrated flavor, is delicious both freshly cooked and cold. It has a taste that is easy for children to eat, so we recommend making it into rice balls and adding it to your bento menu.

Miso soup with seaweed

Shima City's ria coastline is suitable for growing sea lettuce, and its quality and production are among the top in Japan. High-quality seaweed with the scent of the ocean is rich in nutrients, so be sure to try it in miso soup.


Dried seafood from Ise-Shima is also very popular, and dried fish is also delicious when grilled in a frying pan. It may be difficult to grill the dried fish if you are not used to it, but once the dried fish is well browned with the skin side down, turn it over and once the meat is browned, it is ready to eat.

Jam unique to Shima, which is rich in nature

The strawberries used in Shima's Megumi Jam are high-grade strawberries called ``Red Pearl,'' which have a satisfying size and are characterized by exquisite sweetness and sourness. Each item is handmade and no food additives are used so that you can enjoy the natural taste of the ingredients.

Shops where you can buy ingredients

Shima City Aji Special Products Development Center

Address2034 Shinmei, Agocho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture

red pearl jam

Shima's Megumi Jam, which has plenty of pulp, is moderately sweet and goes well with toast and yogurt. Fresh strawberry jam can also be used as a seasoning to add sweetness and shine to dishes.

Medellin coffee blended coffee

Medellin Coffee Shop in Ago-cho, Shima City is famous for its carefully roasted coffee using an open-fire kiln roaster. Medellin Blend (black bag) and Shima Blend (white bag) are both fragrant and low in acidity, making them perfect for your morning cuppa.

Shops where you can buy ingredients

Medellin coffee shop

Address4947 Ugata, Ago-cho, Shima-shi, Mie Prefecture


Lunch provides energy for afternoon activities and is especially important among the three meals, so it is important to maintain a balanced nutritional balance. Here is an example of a healthy and filling lunch using Shima ingredients such as pearl pork and bonito!

Hijiki Furikake with 3 types of seasoning, Ise Shima brand pork ``Pearl Pork''!

Hijiki from Ise-Shima is characterized by its firm texture and flavor, and the three types of hijiki furikake (bonito, shiso, and chirimen) go perfectly with piping hot rice! Hijiki rice is one of Ama's standard dishes. ``Pearl Pork'', which is raised on feed containing pearl ingredients, has a soft texture and a slight sweetness, making it easy to eat even for those who don't like pork.

Mixed hijiki rice balls

Mix in the desired amount of hijiki furikake to complete the mixed hijiki onigiri. Mixing in edamame and corn will give it a beautiful color. Wrapping shiso leaves around rice balls adds the flavor of shiso leaves for a refreshing taste.

Pearl croquette bread, pearl pork sausage bread

If you sandwich freshly fried croquettes or freshly baked sausages between your favorite breads, you'll have a hearty dish that's perfect for lunch. It's well seasoned as it is, so you don't need to put anything on it, but it's also delicious with sauce, ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise if you like.

Keema curry and meat sauce were planned and developed by students at Mie Prefectural Fisheries High School, and we have products developed by high school students.GakuichiYou can purchase it at the (School Market) online shop. Please enjoy the flavor that takes advantage of Shima's bonito.

Site where you can buy ingredients



Bonito meat sauce pasta

The meat sauce made with bonito, a specialty of Shima, has a richer yet refreshing flavor than regular meat sauce, and goes well with pasta. The nutritionally balanced bonito meat sauce is great to use not only for pasta but also for omelet rice and lasagna.

Bonito keema curry

The flavorful keema curry combines the flavors of bonito and vegetables to satisfy even curry lovers. Bonito is a highly nutritious food that is high in protein and low in calories, and is recommended for improving the nutritional balance that tends to be imbalanced.

Snack edition

“Shima no Megumi Ice Cream”, which uses Shima’s seafood and mountain products, is recommended as an after-meal snack! Please enjoy the ice cream that is perfect as a snack that children will also enjoy.

Shima Megumi Ice Cream

"Shima Red Pearl"
It uses Red Pearl strawberries, a specialty of Shima City, and has a taste that can be enjoyed with just the right amount of sourness and sweetness.

"Shima Aosa"
This is an ice cream with a unique flavor unique to Shima City, made with the most produced seaweed in the country.

"Shima Blueberry"
It is an ice cream with plenty of pulp that allows you to enjoy the original deliciousness of blueberries as there are no additives.

Dinner edition

Dinner is the end of the day, and you want to relax and eat your favorite food. For dinner, there is also a recommended menu using ingredients from Shima City. Why not enjoy a slightly different dinner with Tekone Sushi and Pearl Pork?

Tekone sushi

This convenient set includes sushi vinegar, pickles, and bonito, so you can easily make tekone sushi. Tekone sushi can be seasoned in a variety of ways, and if you sprinkle shiso leaves, sesame seeds, ginger, kinshi tamago, etc. on it, it will look more luxurious.. It's also good to add seasonal fish.

An irresistible dish for seafood lovers! Katsu Ochazuke

Katsuochadzuke (bonito flavored rice with tea poured on it)

Katsu Ochazuke is one of Shima City's representative local dishes, and has been a popular dish along with tekone sushi for a long time. By making bonito into chazuke, which is delicious even as sashimi, you can enjoy a different taste from sashimi. It is also recommended to add ginger and green onions as seasonings.

When you want to enjoy a luxurious dinner, try pearl pork yakiniku!

If you want a luxurious dinner that will fill you up, we recommend the pearl pork yakiniku. The pearl pork has just the right amount of sashimi (the fat between the lean meat) and is sweet and soft, making it so delicious that you won't be able to stop eating it with chopsticks!

Pearl pork yakiniku

Pearl pork has soft meat, so even tough cuts like shoulder loin are easy to eat. Simple yakiniku is delicious, but we also recommend wrapping pearl pork in samgyeopsal style with various things. If you want to eat a hearty meal, you might want to try pork bowl.

Shops where you can buy ingredients

Kawai Farm Meat Yoshi

Address1459-1 Koka, Ago Town, Shima City, Mie Prefecture

Kaneu Foods Co., Ltd.

Address475 Agocho Shijima, Shima, Mie

Recommended as a gift! Shima pearl

Ise-Shima, blessed with rich nature and a mild climate, is the birthplace of pearl farming. Akoya pearls produced in Ise-Shima come in a wide variety of colors, including white, blue, and gold, making them an accessory that goes well with a variety of fashion styles.

High quality and transparent Akoya pearl accessories

Akoya pearls, also known as Japanese beads, each have a deep color and a beautiful luster that ordinary pearls do not have. Akoya pearl necklaces enhance the charm of the wearer and are recommended for formal occasions as well as everyday wear.

Enjoy Shima