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Why Shima?


Ise Shrine

"Mitsukuni"to look at
history starting from

Since ancient times, Shima has been famous as a ``food country'' where delicacies from the sea and mountains were offered to the imperial court and shrines, and was sometimes referred to as the ``kitchen of the gods.'' Once, when Yamatohime no Mikoto, the daughter of the 11th Emperor Suinin of Yamato Province, chose Ise as a suitable place to permanently enshrine Amaterasu Omikami, she chose Ise, where the sun rises. It is also believed that this is because there was a beautiful land (delicious country, Shima) surrounded by mountains and the sea.



Learn from people who live

Ama divers are a symbol of Shima. Its history is old, dating back about 2000 years. Currently, around 600 ama divers, or about half of the nation's total, are active on the Shima Peninsula. However, recent changes in the marine environment have made it difficult to continue these traditional industries (the abalone catch has decreased to 30/1 of what it was 30 years ago, and pearl production has decreased to 1/10). We hope that through this experience in Shima, children will learn about this reality and develop a sense of the importance of protecting the ocean.


Shima City Sea

Looking into the sea
What you can see

Marine activities in the calm waves of Ago Bay are also one of Shima's great attractions. Get on a sea kayak and get a bird's eye view, or play on the shore and observe small aquatic creatures. I'm sure there's an exciting world out there. There are discoveries to be made in the sea of ​​Shima that will help you learn about the diversity of living things and think about the various problems that arise as a result of changes in the ocean's environment.

What should we do for the future?

Experience nature in Shima

Shima is an area rich in nature, the entire area of ​​which is included in Ise-Shima National Park. It is characterized by a beautiful ria coastline made up of capes and coves, and offers a variety of nature programs that take advantage of this blessed field. Play with nature and learn from nature. Would you like to have a valuable experience of thinking about the natural environment while having fun?

Get to know the pearls of Shima

Shima is world-famous as the birthplace of pearl farming, where Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in cultivating the first perfectly round pearl in Japan. Learn how and where pearls, a mysterious gemstone, are grown, and experience the charm of pearls up close through the experience of removing them with your own hands.

Touch the blessings of the sea

The Shima Peninsula has a history of about 2 years of ama culture, and there are still around 600 ama divers, about half of the total in Japan. Why not think about the importance of preserving the natural environment while listening to the words of Ama divers who make the sea their workplace and enjoying fresh seafood?

As a transfer destination during the coronavirus pandemic
Ise-Shima attracts attention

For many years, the image of school trips to Ise-Shima has been established as a destination for elementary schools in the Kansai region (mainly Osaka and Kyoto).
However, due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, starting in 3 (the end of 2), the number of schools being visited as transfer destinations from Tokyo, Kyoto, etc. has increased rapidly.
Many new visitors come from elementary and junior high schools in Mie Prefecture, Aichi, Gifu, and Wakayama, as well as elementary and junior high schools in Kansai (other than Osaka and Kyoto) and Shizuoka, and high schools from the Tokyo metropolitan area and even more remote areas. There was also.
The reasons for this include:

Must be closer than the original destination

  • By shortening the number of travel days, you can spend more time staying
  • You can easily travel by chartered bus.
  • It is easy for parents to come and pick you up in case of an emergency.

There are plenty of places to visit and experience facilities.

  • Learning themes such as nature and unique culture (divers, pearls) are available.
  • There are also plenty of facilities that suit the purpose of the original destination, such as kayaking experiences and theme parks.

Have a rich track record of accepting school excursions

  • School trips to Ise-Shima have a long history, and many schools have been visiting for decades.

There is a new accommodation facility that has started accepting guests.

  • Contributing to expanding the overall number of inns accepted, as existing inns and hotels are unable to accommodate them.

We hope that you will continue to visit Ise-Shima, or that we will give you the opportunity to consider your next direction.
We hope that Ise-Shima will be included as a candidate, and that the public and private sectors will work together to improve satisfaction.

Educational trips in Shima City are learning and
Full of emotion!

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