Cycle train [Plan via Ago Bay]

  • The whole process21km
  • Required TimeAbout 2 hours 10 minutes

Cycle train plan via Ago Bay
Beginners welcome course


Train / about 5 minutes

Departing from Ugata Station - Arriving at Kashiwajima Station

cycle train


Boat / 25 minutes

From Kashishima Port to Wagu Port
Shima Marine Leisure (ship in service)

  • Shima Marine Leisure


4.8km/about 20 minutes from Wagu Port

Head to Katada Inari Shrine


7.9km from Katada Inari Shrine / about 30-35 minutes

Katada Inari Shrine

The painted ceiling is a masterpiece
Inari Shrine, worshiped as the god of fishing
The ceiling is famous for its 48 lattice paintings painted by Nomura Narusai and his disciples.

Katada Inari Shrine


2.6km/about 20 minutes from Satoumian

Ama hut experience facility Satoumian (lunch)

Fresh seafood from Ise-Shima & Ama fishing stories

Satoumian - Ama Hut Experience Facility


900m/about 3 minutes from Goza Shirahama

Goza Shirahama

Shima City's representative beach selected as one of the ``100 Best Beaches''

Goza Shirahama


600m/about 3 minutes from the stone Buddha

stone buddha

A stone statue of Jizo that appears at low tide. Pray for healing from diseases below the waist and safe childbirth.

stone buddha


4.2km/about 15-20 minutes from Tsumekiri Fudoson

Naegiri Fudoson

Fudo-do Hall associated with Kobo Daishi

Naegiri Fudoson


Wagu Port


  • Using Shima Marine Leisure's boat
  • Kashijima - Wagu Adults 800 yen Children (elementary school students) 400 yen
  • Kashijima - Masaki Adults 400 yen Children (elementary school students) 200 yen
  • Masaki ~ Wagu Adults 400 yen Children (elementary school students) 200 yen
  • +500 yen to bring your bicycle on board *You can bring your own bicycle (for a fee), but the number is limited. Additionally, since it is not a cargo-passenger ship or ferry, the flow line for transporting bicycles is narrow and there is no loading space. For more information, please contact 0599-43-1023 (Kashijima Office/8:30-17:00).

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