Cycle Train [Shima City Tourist Spots Beginners Welcome Course]

  • The whole processAbout 26km
  • Required TimeAbout 1 hours 50 minutes

Cycle Train Shima City's Tourist Spots Beginner's Welcome Course


500m/about 2 minutes from Ugata Station

Ugata Station


3.4km/about 15 minutes from Ugata Shrine

Ugata Shrine

It is popular as a power spot to pray for passing the exam.

Ugata Shrine


2.9km from Yokoyama Observatory / about 10-15 minutes

Yokoyama Observatory

Shima's No.1 tourist spot!

Yokoyama Observatory


6.5km/about 25 minutes from Tempura Tobari

Tempura Tobari

Exquisite Tempura fired by a Michelin star awarded Chef.

Tempura Tobari


8.9km/about 35 minutes from Shima Mediterranean Village

Shima Mediterranean Village

The Mediterranean Village that doesn't require a passport

Shima Mediterranean Village


500m/about 2 minutes from Kashishima Ohashi Bridge

Kashishima Ohashi Bridge

If you want to watch the sunset, this is the place!! A spectacular view point of Ago Bay

Kashishima Ohashi Bridge


3.1km from Kashijima Station / about 10-15 minutes

Kashikojima Station


Arrive at Ugata Station

Enjoy Shima