Cycle train [Ise-Shima tour course for experienced users]

  • The whole processAbout 69km
  • Required TimeAbout 5 time

Cycle train Ise-Shima tour course for experienced users

For those who want to go to Shima and Ise by bicycle


1.5km / about 5-10 minutes from Ugata Station

Departing from Ugata Station


5.2km from Cafe Moderate / about 20-25 minutes

Cafe Moderate


1.7km/about 8 minutes from Matoya Bay Bridge

Matoya Bay Bridge

red and blue contrast

Matoya Bay Bridge


8 km from Matoya Kaki Terrace / about 30-35 minutes

A word from Matoya Kaki Terrace

An oyster specialty restaurant where you can enjoy oysters from Matoya Bay all year round.

Matoya Kaki Terrace


3.7km/about 15 minutes from Shinmei Shrine

Shinmei Shrine

Extremely popular spot for women


13.6km from Shiro Observatory / about 50-55 minutes

Interesting observation deck

Observation deck with interesting name


7.9km from Toba Aquarium / about 30-35 minutes

Toba Aquarium

The number of breeds raised is the highest in Japan! Japan's leading aquarium


15.8km from Ura Shrine / about 1 hour 5 minutes

Ura Shrine

Benefit spot for eyes
*Currently under construction (until May 6)


9.7km from Futami Okitama Shrine / about 35-40 minutes

Futami Kotama Shrine

Okitama Shrine in Futamiura, a clear beach known for Meoto Iwa


2.1km/about 10 minutes from Okage Yokocho

Okage Yokocho

Experience the bustle of the Sangu Kaido and the lifestyle culture of Ise


Arrive at Isuzugawa Station

Enjoy Shima