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The Shima City Tourism Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Association"), a general incorporated association, deeply recognizes that the appropriate protection and management of personal information is a social responsibility, and complies with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information and other norms. We strive to create a website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") that everyone can use with peace of mind by appropriately handling personal information as described in the following sections.

  • 1. What is personal information?

    Personal information is information about living individuals as defined in the Personal Information Protection Act, such as name, address, date of birth, gender, telephone number, and e-mail address. refers to something that can be identified.

  • 2. Acquisition of personal information

    When collecting personal information, we will, in principle, clarify the purpose of collection in advance and collect it directly from the individual. In addition, when providing personal information through this site, in principle the information is provided and registered at the user's own will. In this case, we will clearly state the purpose of collection in advance.

  • 3. Regarding the use and provision of personal information

    Regarding the use of personal information, we will use it appropriately within the scope of the purpose of collection specified in advance or the purpose of use that is clear from the collection situation. However, this does not apply when we have the consent of the person in question, based on legal provisions or requests for disclosure, or when we, as the administrator of this site, deem it particularly necessary.
    In addition, if we provide personal information to a third party, such as by outsourcing a part of our business, we will obligate that third party to appropriately manage it by contract.
    In addition, this site has pages that use cookies to improve user convenience, but personal information is not recorded. In addition, we may perform access log analysis and collect detailed dynamic transition information in combination with some personal information and cookies, but we will use it in accordance with this privacy policy and disclose it so that individuals can be identified. It is not.

  • 4. Management of personal information

    We will strictly and appropriately manage collected personal information and take appropriate measures to prevent leakage, unauthorized use, loss, falsification, etc. of personal information.

  • 5. Regarding notification of purpose of use of personal information, disclosure, correction, etc.

    When the individual requests notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction/addition, or deletion (hereinafter corrections, additions, and deletions are collectively referred to as "correction, etc.") of personal information (hereinafter referred to as "retained personal data"). Please contact our association. After confirming your identity, we will conduct the necessary investigation, and if there is a reason for your request, we will promptly notify you of the purpose of use, disclose, or make corrections, and notify you of the results. However, personal information that will be deleted within six months is not considered "retained personal data" according to laws and regulations, and therefore will, in principle, be excluded from these measures.

  • 6. Contact information regarding personal information protection

    For inquiries regarding personal information, please contact the following: Please note that telephone reception hours are 9:17 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. (excluding New Year's holidays).

    Shima City Tourism Association
    1670-2 Ugata, Ago-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
    TEL: 0599-46-0570 / FAX: 0599-46-1113

    Contact Form
  • 7. Regarding maintenance and improvement of efforts to protect personal information

    In order to ensure that personal information is handled based on each section above, we will deepen our understanding of our staff, review the contents of each section as appropriate, and improve our efforts to protect personal information.

Site policySite Policy

When using the official website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") operated by the Shima City Tourism Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Association"), please read and agree to the following terms and conditions. Please use above.

*Please note that the site policy and related regulations are subject to change without notice.

  • Disclaimer

    Although we take every possible precaution to ensure that the information posted on this site is accurate, we do not guarantee its accuracy, up-to-dateness, or reliability. Furthermore, please note that we are not responsible for any damage caused by using the information on this site.
    We are not responsible for any damages or losses incurred as a result of accessing this site.
    This site may change or delete the content, address, etc. without prior notice, but we will not be held responsible for any problems or other effects resulting from this.
    In addition, this site contains links to sites managed by parties other than our association. Our association has no involvement in the handling or content of information, including personal information, on these sites. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any accidents or compensation related to this.

  • About copyright etc.

    The information posted on this site (text, photos, images, videos, contents, programs, etc.) is protected by copyright owned by our association and third parties (such as governments, various organizations, corporations, and individuals). I'm here.
    This information may not be used (including reproduction, modification, distribution, public transmission, etc.) without the prior permission of our association, except in cases permitted under the Author Rights Act, such as "copying for private use" and "quoting." It is prohibited by law to do so.

  • About the links

    In principle, you may freely link to this site. Please clearly indicate that the link is to our association's site, and when linking, please open in a new window.
    Please refrain from setting up links that fall under, or may fall under, any of the following.

    • ・Homepages containing content that slanders or aims to damage the credibility of our association, other companies (persons), or other organizations.
    • ・Acts that infringe upon, or may infringe upon, intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademark rights, property, privacy, portrait rights, or other rights of our association or other companies (persons) or other organizations.
    • ・Homepages that make it unclear that the content belongs to our association, such as deploying this site within a frame, which may mislead third parties.
    • ・In addition to the above items, websites that violate laws, ordinances, regulations, or public order and morals, or that may obstruct the operation of this site's services.

    This site contains links to sites managed by parties other than our association. The copyright and responsibility of linked homepages belong to the creators of each page. It does not represent the opinions, claims, or views of our association. Furthermore, the establishment of a link does not mean that our association specifically recommends that site.
    If you would like to receive a link, please use the following materials as a banner image.
    Also, if we don't have a banner in the size you want, please contact us.

    • ・ Please use the above burner for the link.
    • ・Please be sure to set the link to the TOP page (https://www.kanko-shima.com/).
    • -Click the banner to display the image in a separate window. Right-click and select "Save Image As" to save it.

Facebook policyOperation policy regarding the use of Shima City/Shima City Tourism Association official Facebook page

  • 1. Purpose

    This policy isShima City/Shima City Tourism Association Official Facebook Page(hereinafter referred to as the "Official Page").

  • 2. Basic policy

    The official page aims to convey to users the appeal of Shima City as a tourist destination by disseminating information on Shima City's nature, food, culture, tourist spots, etc.
    The official page will only be used to disseminate information, and as a general rule, no replies will be made. For opinions and inquiries, please contactkankoshoko@city.shima.lg.jpand "Contact Us"Accepted at.

  • 3. Operation method

    The official page will be operated by the Tourism and Commerce Division of the Shima City Industrial Promotion Department (hereinafter referred to as "Shima City") and the Shima City Tourism Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Tourism Association") as follows.

    (1) Information to be sent

    The following information will be disseminated on the official page.

    • ・Photos/videos and accompanying information that convey the appeal of Shima City as a tourist destination
    • ・Shima City event information
    • ・Tourism association member information
  • 4. Disclaimer

    Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information published on the official page, Shima City and the Tourism Association assume no responsibility for any actions taken by users using the information on the official page.
    Shima City and the Shima City Tourism Association are not responsible for any comments posted by users on official pages.
    Shima City and the Tourism Association are not responsible for any trouble or dispute that may arise between users or between users and a third party in connection with the official page.
    Copyrights related to the posting of comments, etc. belong to the user who posted the comment, but by posting the content, the user has the right to provide Shima City and the Shima City Tourism Association with the right to publish the posted content free of charge worldwide. You are deemed to have granted the exclusive right to use it, and you are also deemed to have agreed not to exercise any copyright, etc. against Shima City or the Shima City Tourism Association.

  • 5. Deletion of posts by users, etc.

    If any of the following items apply, your account may be deleted or blocked without prior notice.

    • ・Contents that violate or are likely to violate laws, regulations, etc.
    • ・Things that slander specific individuals/groups, etc.
    • ・Things aimed at political or religious activities
    • ・Things that infringe on the intellectual property rights of Shima City, Shima City Tourism Association, or third parties, such as copyrights, trademark rights, portrait rights, etc.
    • ・Advertisement, publicity, solicitation, sales activities, and other commercial purposes
    • ・Discrimination or promoting discrimination based on race, ideology, creed, etc.
    • ・Anything that violates public order or good morals.
    • ・False or untrue content, or content that promotes mere rumors or rumors
    • ・Anything that harms privacy, such as identifying, disclosing, or leaking personal information without the consent of the individual
    • ・Things that impersonate other users, third parties, etc.
    • ・Harmful programs, etc.
    • ・Inappropriate content including obscene expressions, etc.
    • ・Things that modify part or all of the content published by Shima City and the Shima City Tourism Association
    • ・Contents that are not related to content sent by Shima City or the Shima City Tourism Association
    • ・Other information that Shima City and the Shima City Tourism Association deem inappropriate, and links containing such content.
  • About 6. Copyright

    The contents of the official page may not be reproduced without the permission of Shima City and the Tourism Association, except for private use or acts permitted by copyright law, such as quoting. When quoting, etc., it is necessary to clearly indicate the source using an appropriate method.

  • 7. Notification/Changes of Operation Policy, etc.

    The contents of this policy will be posted on the Shima City and Shima City Tourism Association websites. Additionally, this policy may be changed without prior notice as necessary.

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