Experience making tekonezushi with delicious bonito. Reservations available for one person or a large group.

Umi Hozuki "Tekone Dojo"
Mini bucket (for one person), regular bucket (for 1 to 4 people) and large bucket (5 to 6 people).
Select one of the three size and make a reservation.

Required time

Approximately 90 minutes (30-40 minutes for cooking / 30-40 minutes for dining)

Fees and plans

・Mini bucket: 1 yen (tax included)
・Regular bucket 4 yen (tax included)
・Large bucket 6 yen (tax included)

A note about reservations:
Please book this plan by the size of the bucket, not by the number of people.

 If you are planning to make a reservation for 4 people, you will be asked to order one regular vat (5- 1 servings).
 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

*Please note that you may share a room with other guests or have meals in the same room (with partitions) depending on the reservation status.

[How the experience works]

XNUMX. Come to the experience location
At the recepetion, just say through which platform you made the reservation (Jalan, etc.).

XNUMX. Start of the experience
Start making the Tekonezushi at the cooking area♪
Enjoy the experience whether you come alone or in a large group! !

3. When it's ready
Enjoy your freshly made Tekonezushi !

Customers who reserve two or more large buckets of bonito will have a bonito cutting show right in front of them.


We offer the full cooking process for adults and half the experience for kids.
*Please inquire for allergies, etc.

[About Umihozuki]

The first step to understanding the sea is to play on the shore.
Umihozuki is a facility where visitors can learn about and experience the lifestyle, culture, and fishing industry of Shima's fishing villages.
A tide pool, also called a natural mini-aquarium, is reproduced in a form close to natural condition.
We want visitors to experience the fun of the seashore when the tide goes out, the excitement of catching something with their own hands, and the delicious taste of seafood that they have prepared themselves.
It is with this in mind that Umi hozuki, a rocky shore experience facility in Hamajima, Shima City, was born, where visitors can learn about and experience for themselves the fishing industry.
Whether you are a child entering the sea for the first time or an old-time kid, everyone will have their own piece of fun !

Avaibility period

Mar. 2021, 04 - Aug. 05, 2023

Number of people per reservation

Less than 20 people


The meeting place
465-14 Hamajima, Hamajima-cho, Shima City, Mie
Seaside experience facility Umihozuki (reception counter)
Required Time
Up to 1 hours 30 minutes.
Age range
3 years old and up
Experience location
465-14 Hamajima, Hamajima-cho, Shima City, Mie
Seaside experience facility Umihozuki (reception counter)
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