Matoya Kaki Terrace

Matoya Oyster Terrace: A restaurant specializing in oysters where you can enjoy oysters from Matoya Bay all year round.

The Matoya Kaki Terrace proudly offers fresh Matoya oysters as well as oyster dishes such as "kankan-yaki," a unique way of eating oysters in Ise-Shima, and other oyster dishes that can be enjoyed in each season.
You can also enjoy BBQ with your family and friends while watching the oyster rafts and boats coming and going under the Matoyawan Bridge.

Specialty "Matoya Oyster Kankan-yaki" (grilled oysters)

Specialty "Matoya Oyster Kankan-yaki" (grilled oysters)

Matoya oysters are cooked in a way that is unique to Ise-Shima, which is to "kankan-yaki" them in a kettle so as not to lose their flavor.
Please enjoy the plump and juicy texture and delicate sweetness of the Matoya oyster in "kankan- yaki".

6 pieces 1980 yen 12 pieces 3780 yen

Raw oysters

Raw oysters

Oysters growing in the Matoya Bay are characterized by their lack of "odor, harshness, and bitterness" usually characteristic of oysters.
Please try raw Matoya oysters, which are full of flavor and sweetness.

3 pieces 990 yen 5 pieces 1580 yen

KakiFry - Fried Oysters

KakiFry - Fried Oysters

With a good balance of flavor, sweetness, and saltiness, carefully purified Matoya oysters are characterized by their low odor, gouge, and bitterness, in opposition to regular oysters.
These fried oysters opened on the day are served without any sauce, to fully feel the taste of Matoya oysters.

3 pieces 880 yen

A word from Matoya Kaki TerraceOne word

Get a relaxing meal with a view of the sea in the birthplace of oyster farming in Mie Prefecture!

  • *Matoya oysters are available for purchase directly from Sato Aquafarm's website.
  • *Oyster sales are also available for sale at Sato Aquafarm.

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517 Isobecho Matoya, Shima, Mie 0204-889
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Total number of seats
120 seats
Private room
Closing days
Closed irregularly from January to March
Car: 15 minutes by private car or cab from Kintetsu Ugata Station
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