Ueda shoten - Kinko Imo

An exquisite sweet made from dried sweet potatoes served at the lighthouse cafe located right next to Anori Lighthouse!

This café serves parfaits and puddings made with "kinko-imo", local dried sweet potatoes, a specialty of Ise-Shima. Lunch is also delicious, and there are various kinko-imo products as souvenirs.

Lighthouse Cafe. . . . . Take a relaxing and blissful time in a beautiful space with a view of the ocean and lighthouse. You can also play the piano freely.

The farmer also produces his own dried sweet potatoes (Beniharuka) using the traditional "boiled and dried method" of Ise-Shima.

A variety of kinko-imo products made with care from potatoes carefully grown as a farmer and sold online.


517-0507 Anori, Ago-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture 794-1 Inside the Anori Saki Lighthouse Garden Rest House
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Public Transportation: Approximately 40 minutes from Ugata Station by bus bound for Anorizaki Lighthouse Exit, drop off at Anorizaki Lighthouse Exit and walk 400 meters.
Car: Approximately 167 minutes from the Shiroki IC of the Daini- Ise Road via National Route 514 and Prefectural Route 30.
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