Uda meat Co.

Trust first, meat experts!

We are constantly dedicated to sourcing and delivering new, safe, and trustworthy ingredients, both domestically and internationally. 
In our pursuit of elevating culinary culture and contributing to a richer way of life, we strive to meet diverse needs while ensuring the safety and quality of our products.
To provide 'fresh' and 'delicious meat' to a wide range of customers, we rigorously engage in procurement and sales activities every day.
For those considering a reevaluation of their current ingredient sourcing in the food service industry or embarking on new ventures like restaurants or barbecue establishments, we not only supply ingredients but also provide support with 'innovative ideas'.
Our greatest joy lies in our customers' prosperity.

Notes & Mentions

  • We offer locally sourced products from Mie Prefecture, including Matsusaka beef, Ise chicken, and Ise's own healthy pork.
  • If you let us know your preferred origin and type, we will provide you with safe and secure meat products from anywhere.
  • "Our 'Ise Dori Prosciutto' has been selected as part of the 'Ise-Shima Summit Support Products' project."
  • We hope you will enjoy our products!


517-0502 Agocho Shinmei, Shima, Mie 1007-23
Opening hours
from 9:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m.
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Parking Lot
yes: 3 parking spaces
Public Transportation: Approximately 7 minutes walk from Shima Shinmei Station, Kintetsu Railway
Car: 5 minutes drive from Kashikojima Station or Ugata Station of Kintetsu Railway
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