Basic course + Ise ebi plan for two

This is a reservation plan for two people only.
Includes a whole Ise lobster!

While listening to current and former ama divers talk about ama fishing, visitors can enjoy fresh seafood such as Ise lobsters and turban shells caught in the sea of Ise-Shima.

Meal Menu

Ise lobster (one per person), plump hinoki fan clams, freshly caught turban shells, fresh squid, dried fish from the fisherman's town, miso soup with the famous aosa seaweed, hijiki cooked in a pot of rice.
*The ingredients may be subject to change depending on the catch.

Recommended for those with the following wishes:

I want to eat shellfish and fish.
I want to have a meal in a quiet place.
I want to talk with ama divers.
I want to experience the culture of ama divers.


This facility is not equipped with air-conditioning or heating.
Please be aware that ashes and sparks from the fire may fly as you food grills over the charcoal fire.

Terms of Use

(For more than 2 persons, please make a reservation under the "From 3 persons" plan.)
*The prices shown are per person.
*We may ask you to change or cancel your reservation after it has been completed due to inclement weather or other reasons.
The photo is for illustrative purposes only.


The meeting place
2279 Shimacho Koshika, Shima, Mie
Required Time
Up to 1 hours 30 minutes.
Age range
0 years old and up
Experience location
2279 Shimacho Koshika, Shima, Mie
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