Experience the starry sky of Shima! ! Starry sky observation + empty-handed camping♪ *1 group price

A must-see for camping beginners and those who want to experience the starry sky of Shima♪
Camping supplies comicomi! Introducing a plan that comes with an empty-handed camping plan and stargazing set!
Image provided by: Star Sommelier Hideaki Miyamoto

Enjoy the night of camping by looking up at the starry sky while studying it with a planisphere with minimal light.
Please enjoy a luxurious time together.

◆Overview of Comicomi Plan◆

Your tent and camping equipment will be ready when you arrive! !
*If you do not have a barbecue, you can change the barbecue stove to a two-burner stove.

◆Site information◆

・Individual site
・Grass / Some soil


・Forest area
・Nearby environment: 3 minutes walk to Atsurihama

◆Facility equipment◆

・Administration building (8:00-21:00)
・Shop (8:00-21:00)
 Products handled: Charcoal, firewood, fuel, drinks, ice, camping supplies, etc.
・Cooking building (equipped with warm water and dishwashing soap)
・Hot shower (8:00-22:00)
・Family shower available (separately 1200 yen; lottery will be held if there are many users)
・Flush toilet/washroom (shared)
・Laundry (washing machine/dryer) (8:00-22:00)
・AC power available
・Garbage station (separate collection)

◆Rental equipment included in the plan◆

Tent, AC power, table, chairs, tarp, mat, sleeping bag, lantern, bonfire set, BBQ stove (charcoal, plates, chopsticks,)
*Please bring your own food, seasonings, and drinks.

◆ Other ◆

・Check-in 14:00-18:00 / Check-out 8:00-11:30
・Gate 8:00-21:00
・Lights off 22:00


The meeting place
2279 Koshiga, Shima-cho, Shima-shi, Mie Prefecture
Shima Auto Camp Ground
Required Time
22 hours
Target age
1 years old ~ 70 years old
Experience location
2279 Koshiga, Shima-cho, Shima-shi, Mie Prefecture
Shima Auto Camp Ground
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Enjoy Shima