Kaiyuen - Kashikojima Fishing Park

Fucn to catch and delicious to eat !

【Restaurant on the Sea】
Fresh seafood, Matsusaka beef and offal on the sea.
Of course, you can also barbecue fish caught in the fish pond right in front of the restaurant.

“Omakase cuisine” according to your budget
according to your budget Enjoy "natural," "seasonal," and "local" ingredients cooked in a rustic way at any time of the day with a view of Ago Bay.

Please call us first (reservation required).

Fishing pond 9:00-17:00 (reservation required)
Sea hut fishing any hours from sunrise to sunset (reservation required)
Boat Fishing: From in-bay fishing to offshore fishing! Please consult us (Reservations required)

Fishing pond 2 hours 1 rod 3,500 yen
Sea hut fishing: 1 pair per person, junior high school student and older 3,500 yen, elementary school student and younger 2,000 yen

Barbecue Lunch Dinner (reservation required)
Lunch & Dinner (Reservations required)
Tuna Cutting Show: Available for parties of 20 or more (Reservations required)

Barbecue: from 3,500 yen
Lunch: from 1,000 yen
Dinner: from 3,000 yen

We will cook the fish you catch to your liking! You can also have it on the barbecue! Fresh seafood, beef, pork, chicken, etc. are also available! Drink eat and laugh in the sea breeze !


517-0502 Agocho Shinmei, Shima, Mie XNUMX-XNUMX
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Unregular holidays
Car: 167 min. from Shiraki IC of Daini-Ise Road via Route 26
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