Fiore Shima

Afternoon tea and BBQ at a log house resort surrounded by lush nature and a star-filled sky

This casual café-restaurant is open not only to guests, but also to day-trip visitors. The rich natural scenery of Iseshima spreads out from the windows of the rooms, creating a relaxing atmosphere.
The restaurant serves dishes made with fresh local ingredients.
On fine days, eating and drinking on the cafe's terrace is a very pleasant experience.

Afternoon tea set

A set of teacups and saucers of your choice is made by Narumi with the utmost care.
You can choose from four types of tea and order a cup that suits your mood of the day.
Recommended for a small outing with friends.

1,500 yen

Steak bowl

Steak donburi is a bowl of rice topped with a Japanese beef steak, is a moderate volume that even women can easily eat.

1,500 yen


BBQ set includes food and disposable grill.
Recommended for use with family and friends as you can enjoy BBQ on the terrace in fine weather!

3,000 yen (2 servings)

Notes & Mentions

An authentic log house resort hotel where you can stay with your pet.
Pets are welcome to eat and drink at the café terrace.

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Private room
yes: 30 parking spaces
Public Transportation: Taxi or bus from Ugata Station
Car: 15 minutes by car from Ugata Station
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