Izakaya Oshima

Shima's oldest restaurant for fugu cuisine.

Nestled in the heart of Shima, this establishment is a gateway to savoring the region's freshest seafood and exploring a chef's dedication to culinary creativity, resulting in a menu boasting unique smoked dishes.
Of particular note is the Smoked Pork Cutlet, which secured third place in the S1 Grand Prix competition and introduces an innovative twist with the use of renowned Pearl Pork from Ise-Shima.
Equally enticing is the smoked tempura recommendation, combining the flavors of smoked tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese for a remarkable culinary experience.
Beyond these highlights, the menu features a range of delectable smoked delicacies such as chicken ham, edamame, and smelt fish, each celebrated among patrons.
During the winter season, this establishment offers dishes inspired by the region's local bounty, including the exquisite "Anori Fugu" from the nearby Anori Fugu Harbor and succulent Matoya oysters.
With a core commitment to delivering culinary excellence that brings joy and smiles to diners,
this restaurant invites you to savor its unique flavors and immerse yourself in an extraordinary dining experience.

Pearl Pork Smoked Pork Cutlet

Tempura of smoked mini tomatoes and mozzarella cheese

Fugu full course


517-0501 Agochō Ugata, Shima, Mie 2419-1
Opening hours
17:30 ~ 24:00
Reservation link
Total number of seats
45 seats
Private room
Closing days
yes: 20 parking spaces
Public transport: 7-minute walk from Kintetsu Ugata Station.
Car: Along National Route 260
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