BBQ Goraku

Seafood BBQ experience right here in Shima! Feast on a BBQ featuring an array of fresh local shellfish, succulent Ise lobsters, and exquisite Matsusaka beef.
Located in Hamashima, the hometown of Ise lobsters, our restaurant offers you the opportunity to relish premium ingredients at an affordable price.
Leave the hassle of cleanup and waste disposal to our capable team, allowing you to savor your meal without worry. We eagerly await your reservation to make your dining experience memorable.

BBQ Place princing

BBQ equipment included (stove, charcoal, net, etc.) with 2 paper plates, cups and chopsticks

Available for 2 to 40 persons.
Please choose one of the BBQ set menus of your choice.

Pricing without set menus
 - Junion high school students and above: 1800 yen including plates, chopsticks, cups and all you can drink soft drinks.
 - between 5 years old and elementary school student: 850 yen including plates, chopsticks, cups and all you can drink soft drinks.
 - Teppan (flat full grill) rental: 500 yen

Softdrink includes Oolong tea, Calpis, and coke.
If you bring your own food, don't forget to bring your own condiments and other consumables.

Easy and hassle-free !

BBQ set menu includes facility fee (1800 yen/person) & all-you-can-drink soft drinks!

■Meat set: 3000 yen
■Kuroge Japanese beef: 3500 yen
■Seafood set: 3000 yen
■Luxury seafood set: 4700 yen
■Meat and Seafood set: 5000 yen 【All prices are tax included.】

How about grilling your own lobsters in Hamajiama ?

Hamajima being famous for its yearly Ise-ebi Matsuri, it is only natural that you may find some local lobsters (called ise-ebi in Japanese)! A wide variety of seafood, meats and other single dishes are also available!

A la carte menu.

■Live lobster 1 piece 3000yen / 300g
■Live lobster 1 piece 3000 yen / 200g
■Abalone 1 piece 5000 yen
■Abalone 1 piece, 1500 yen
■Rock oyster, large 1 piece, 1100 yen
■Rock oyster, small 1 piece, 660 yen
■Turban shell 2 pieces, 660 yen
■2 Appa shellfish, 440 yen
■Squid July-August 7 piece, 8 yen
■Squid (without joints) 330 pie, XNUMX yen

■Kuroge Wagyu Beef Steak 2,000 yen / 100g
■Austrian beef steak 2,500 yen / 300g
■Matsusaka beef loin steak 3,300 yen /100g

■Meat set(imported beef 200g, 2 sausages)1,200 yen
■Aosa pork frankfurter 350 yen / 2 pcs.
■Aosa pork wiener 550 yen / 6 pcs.

■Rice balls (Mehibi) 440 yen / 2 balls
■Grilled tomatoes with bread (reservation required) 500 yen /1 piece
■Onion and green pepper set 150 yen each

【Drink Menu】

"All you can drink."
■Oolong tea (1L) 500 yen
■Calpis (1L) 700 yen
■Cola (500mL) 300 yen

■Draft beer 550 yen / drink
■Bottled beer 660 yen / bottle
■Shochu, highball, shochu high 550 yen / glass

11:00 - 2:00
2:30 - 5:30
6:00 - 9:00


517 Hamajimachō Hamajima, Shima, Mie 0404-2798
Opening hours
11:00 - 2:00
2:30 - 5:30
6:00 - 9:00

*Please contact us if you require a time other than the above.
(It takes one hour to prepare charcoal and foodstuffs.)
Reservation link
Total number of seats
20 seats (2 to 40 people)
Private room
Closing days
Closed by appointment only.
Public transport: 20 minutes drive from Ugata Station on the Kintetsu Shima Line.
Car: 40 minutes from Tamaki IC of Ise Expressway.
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