Isobe shrine

On New Year's Day, you can see the sunrise from the middle of the first torii.
We also recommend paying a visit to the three shrines in Isobe- cho, Shima City: Izawanomiya Shrine, Saminaga Shrine, and Isobe Shrine.

The stately shrine pavilion stands in the quiet precincts of the shrine. Every year on November 11, the Isobe Shrine Orei Matsuri is held, and the energetic shouts of children carrying the mikoshi (portable shrine) echo through the shrine.


517 Isobecho Erihara, Shima, Mie 0809-1250
Time taken
15 minutes
Parking Lot
Available / Approximately 30 passenger cars
Public transportation: Approx. 10 min. walk from Isobe Station
Car Approx. 167 min. from Shiraki IC of Daini-Ise Road via Route 61 - Prefectural Route 10
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